[pnpgm] ....sigh...c

pnpgm pnpgm at comcast.net
Sun Jan 12 06:35:58 CET 2020

Delay in update..

1% - niece used pc for her college work for a few hours
99%- Staff decided to leave 3 horus leave and slack.

But I was close..

So will try to finish Tuesday

Sorry.  But a couple new things..

1) Was contacted by a guy who wans to join the game.  So we may have 
a new person soon.
Assuming party leaves cave alive. ;)

2) Don aka Mae wants to come back in.  I have given second chances 
before. Chion/Marcel, Kell/Mark.
But with Don who I work with and know for 15 or os years.  He has 
issues.  Medical and other stuff.
He has admited to getting burnt out.
But with Mae he just had alot going on.
With that said..
What do you guys think/
You can give your opinoin public or private.

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