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Pyan takes the extra time provided by break to heal Fremea to explore the area and look for more than just the first tracks that could be Vief's assailants. He also tries to recognize the terrain, if it as at all familiar to any he has visited i his travels
--- It is with books as with the fire in our hearths; we go to a neighbor to get the embers and light it when we return home, pass it on to others, and it belongs to everyone. 

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   Character Name  
Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to

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Update #102 sequence (file #759)
Notes: None.

   From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
         [feel free to use
as much or as little of this as you want; I got just a bit carried away -
but l was wondering how bad I'd be feeling is I'd lost 1/3 of my body's
strength/use/mobility like Raddok did, &  others had been hurt
worse earlier in this adventure; glad I never had to actually go to war,
even as a nurse (Viet Nam is my era)]

         As Raddok
stumbles through the portal, holding one of Barbosa's …
   GM: Ack.  Good descriptive/rp/post.  

   From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
         Arawn was moved
by the Guardian's thoughts and actions, hope …
   GM: Ack. Also reacted to email.
   From Raddok: [Re: Resent post]
         Re-sending since
not yet showing up on website (last entry was Update #101, as of this
date: 10/21/19)  [rest repeated text deleted] 
   GM: Ack.  Remember as long as it goes to Archives your
safe.  No need to re-post stuff.  My personal site is updated
when I can have free time.  

   From Bess: [Re: Spamed stuff]
         [Sorry; found
some game emails re Update 101 in my email; just not posted yet on
website - my apologies for feeling rushed & resending – lol]
   GM: Ack. You're fine.  See above.

   From Fremea: [Re; Actions]
         Fremea is
extremely upset. First, about her target being dead …
   GM: Ack. 

   From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
First the disgusting weather, then the disgust of seeing …
   GM: Ack.

   From Z'leyra: [Re: Rescue]
         "Have you
tried to keep deep concentration on something while you …
   GM: Ack.

          [Ma 3rd,
1:25 pm – South-East of Ma'Dor]

   As Raddok stumbles through the portal, holding one of
Barbosa's legs to help Z'leyra with the dwarf's limp weight, he is
stunned, shocked by the sudden darkness and streams of water seeming to
flood over him, and is relieved when Z'leyra stops quickly and sets
Barbosa down. Raddok can barely see after the bright, pulsating lights of
the portal they just passed through, and is glad to set the dwarf down.
He looks at the limp form, and feels more shocked - the dwarf looks

   Raddok suddenly is aware of the heavy rain, soaking coldly
under his armor, down his neck and back, and he shudders, which sets off
the pain again. He again wished he had chosen to bring the heavy sword,
although the shield had undoubtedly helped save his life tonight. He
looks up quickly at the sound of a pursuit ahead, but having lowered
himself to one knee to set the severely injured dwarf down, Raddok finds
he cannot get to his feet again - he is lightheaded again, and a bit
nauseated, and has to keep himself from falling with both knees and his
free hand. Raising up on both knees, he draws his mace again, but feels
too weak to stand.

   His struggle to get up is forgotten as he watches Z'leyra
try to revive Barbosa, and sees her apparent inability to do so. Raddok
feels grief wash over him, as he looks at the pale, sturdy, stocky body,
seeing him with the eyes & memories of the irascible dwarf's
conversations aboard the ship over the last several weeks, and the
miner-turned-adventurer feels faintness mix with his sorrow.

   "I think I need help," he tries to say, as he
closes his eyes in the sudden remembrance of pain. Definitely, fighting
had kept his focus away from it before - nothing like trying to just stay
alive, he grimly smiled. The smile faded into a grimace, and he closed
his eyes for a moment. Since he could not stand, he tried to listen with
his eyes closed - was there danger nearby, or just the stormy night?
Something was wrong about this place, but he was too tired to care - how
far had they come? Had had happened to the sun? He felt very dizzy. He
just wanted to sit down for a little longer. Although he felt and
half-saw the others coming through behind Z's & his own exit - he now
saw the portal suddenly vanish in fire and steam. He winced at the sight,
but barely cared; he was just glad they were together again.

   Mournath comes over to help Raddok stand and allow the miner
to lean up against the sailor.  

   Arawn was moved by the Guardian's thoughts and actions, hope
and a prayer flashing through his mind in an instant as he transitioned
through the portal. Landing in rain and darkness he had little time to
further contemplate things, only hoping the creature was alright, before
he focused on adjusting to his new surroundings.

   A quick scan to look for Kiet and then the others led him to
Velf and Barbosa's still bodies. He joined Z'leyra and Dorhak beside the
dead dwarf, ignoring for the moment the urge to locate the missing book.
Others would have to take up that task for he had to try one thing in an
effort to bring Barbosa back. He lay his hands on the dwarf and

   Fremea is extremely upset. First, about her target being
dead already (not even sure how, since she was directly on his tail) and
second, because it is raining so much. She really hopes to find the
trail, where the arrows came from, or really the book. Even though it is
raining, she will use her Mana sensing to see if there is anything she
can determine. Maybe a trail of residual magic if the book itself could
leave something.

   Grrrr!  First the disgusting weather, then the disgust
of seeing the human woman give up on his kin.  Dorhak moves in close
to watch, and maybe help, but he’s not much use in these things. 
But this is Barbosa. 

   His fist clench as Z'leyra checks over Barbosa, the anger
growing in his breast.  She does, well, something, but nothing
happened.  Except we all get wetter. 

   He looks at her and says. "Why?  Why didn’t you
help him on the other side?  He might still be with us. Ours is a
long lived race, not just a mist in the morning like your
race."  He pause for a moment, looking at the body. 
"Did you wait because you just didn’t want to get hurt? 
Because we all know how unlikely it would be for you to be hurt." 

   Dorhak’s shoulders slump and he drops his head. 
"It just such a waste." 

   "Have you tried to keep deep concentration on something
while you are being hit with attacks that are trying to kill you? I am
sorry, but my training was to make the place safe or get to a safe place
before bending over to heal someone." Z'leyra replies.

   Those walking around notice the terrain is rocky, muddy and
elevated. That must mean they are still in the hills or mountains of
Vahear?  But why is is night?

   Fremea opens herself to the mana-verse around her.  But
around Velf there is no sign of any mana or residue.  

   As Dorhak and Z'leyra argue Pyan moves closer to Velf. 
He notices Fremea and moments earlier Unali trying to find a trail. 
To what?  Then he sees a faint hint of arrow feathers of red in the
darkness in Velf.  So he was killed?  So the other 2 must be
looking for the attackers?  He moves off moving past the nearby
bush.  While the terrain is elevated it seems to be a forest or at
the very least a light to medium wood.  There are trees around and
it causes a bit of shelter to the wind and rain.  But the Vahear
hills had no such heavy foliage.  

   Then Pyan steps in a  mud puddle then he realizes hes
been here before. Not this land but the situation.  He leans down
and sure enough finds a circular impression.  One not made by nature
but by man or beast.  Recent horse shoes!

   Fremea then sees a glint of something higher than the normal
mana source to the right.  She draws her dagger and hovers – no need
to walk in this muddy mess.

   Unali is also trying to find clues of a trail.  But in
this rain visibility for humans is 8-12 feet only and blurred by
darkness.  She steps carefully not to stumble and has both daggers
out.  Then she spots a dark movement in the darkness.  Humans
may not see well at night but their eyes help to distinguish between
shades and shadows.  A skill of shadow trailing  Unali knows
all to well.  As she turns to investigate she tries to figure out
what it is.

   Back over Barbosa's body Arawn figures his options.  If
Z'leyra could not heal using her best spell what can he do?  Then he
recalls the spell from the scroll he has been learning.  It could
work.   But the scroll says at best you have 1-10 seconds to
act. How long has it been?  Arawn hears Dorhak and Z'leyra argue and
feels compelled to intervene but ignores them for now.  Time seems
to stop or slow again like before.  Like at the flying cast when he
stopped the library fire.

   Arawn murmurs a half prayer and spell barely heard over the
rain.  He lays hands on Barbosa and hopes.

   Unali sees it as a 6.5-7 foot thing charging.  She can
hear the huffs of nostrils and the expelling of water from those
nostrils.  Then her magical dagger warns her – duck and sidestep
now!  She twists and spins kicking at the smaller form.  The
form goes flying back the way it came.

   The large form though took this chance to get close and
swing a club of some sort.  The club hits her in the right arm and
she grunts in pain.  But at same time the form tries to bite down
onto Unali but she pushs it away just in time.

   Facing the large form Unali brings both daggers to
bear.  The arm just hit misses – probably a bit weaker but the other
dagger hits doing 7 points to it's left middle section.  

   The large creature attacks again with club and possibly
fangs?  But both attacks fail.  Unali feels the other creature
lung and almost jump on her back. Then fangs bite down on her left neck
and she feels warm substance flow through her veins.  

   Fremea detects this attack by some form of magical presence
possibly the poison?  She flies toward Unali to help.  She
stabs at the large form but misses.

   Unali feels nothing so far so goes on offensive.  She
tries to stab at the 'head' of the creature on her but both aimed attacks
fail.  But the form is large enough she can easily still hit
it.  Both daggers hit but only 1 is needed.  The right dagger
hits the creature in the left shoulder doing a massive 36 points of
damage killing the  creature instantly.
   The large form turns and leaps straight for Fremea who is
about 5 feet off ground.  It tries to swing its club but fumbles and
the club goes flying into the darkness.  But the fangs hit and bit
down on her neck.  She feels the rush of poison and both Fremea and
creature slam onto the ground.  

   Fremea tries to move but can't.

   Pyan rushes now as others start to hear and come to
investigate.  He stabs with his spears the creature hitting it in
side doing 2 points.  

   Unali feels no affects from the poison so far but rushes to
attack the creature now trying to stand.  One dagger misses. 
But the other does again 33 points and kills the creature.  

   Arawn finishes his spell and waits.  No pulse yet

   Unali and Pyan see no damage to Fremea but she blinks and
can't move.

   As Dorhak sees Raddok and Kiet move to see what is going on
he hears Arawn give a very un-Alfar yelp.  Dorhak spins and dares.

   Then as suddenly as entering the rain the storm ends. 
>From a deluge to minor drops.  Arawn looks up at Dorhak and
smiles.  He says there is a pulse!

   Dorhak ignores the fight and leans down to Barbosa as
Z'leyra moves to help Arawn. Sure enough Z'leyra finds a faint pulse.

   Arawn looks skyward to give thanks to the gods.  Then
notices a odd sky. There are clouds but the stars.  They are in
different spots.  His cosmology skills show that they are still in
the Middle World but it looks look they are hundreds if not thousands of
miles away based on how the stars are shifted.  

   Unali glances at creature and now that star light is a bit
brighter looks like the creatures are Gartula which the party has fought
before.  She glances around to ensure no more are around.  

   Pyan stands and looks around.  Then in his mind things
flash.  A faint voice.  Is that residue from the creature's
contact? Something about serving and duty but tried as best could or
such.  Then faint words something like 'fare greetings to the small

Update: Saturday?

          GM: A
short update.  But still been super busy.  I need to finalize
benefits and research stuff on that.  Got another busy week. 
So likely no update till Saturday.  Sadly I need to research some
pnp stuff and review it as I lost my notes from  pc crash last
year.  So that'll take a few days.  So did this fluff update to
get me more time. :) Happy Halloween to those scary monsters that lurk in
rain.  Sorry been too busy for 2 updates a week. :< Mana report
updated with experience.  We are 75% done with this adventure.  

          GM: Damage 

         16+4+1+5 [Dead]

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