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Grrrr!  First the disgusting weather, then the disgust of seeing the human woman give up on his kin.  Dorhak moves in close to watch, and maybe help, but he’s not much use in these things.  But this is Barbosa.

his fist clench as Z'leyra checks over Barbosa, the anger growing in his breast.  She does, well, something, but nothing happened.  Except we all get wetter.

he looks at her and says "Why?  Why didn’t you help him on the other side?  He might still be with us. Ours is a long lived race, not just a mist in the morning like your race."  He pause for a moment, looking at the body.  "Did you wait because you just didn’t want to get hurt?  Because we all know how unlikely it would be for you to be hurt."

Dorhak’s shoulders slump and he drops his head.  "It just such a waste."

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