[pnpgm] Update #100 - File #745 - Raddok

Bessie Hadley eleabess at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 17 17:56:56 CEST 2019

Raddok dashes to the portal after his final swing at suit #1, coming almost to a stop at the pulsating entrance, Z'leyra right in front of him. He quickly slings his mace onto its belt hook & gives a hand to her, grabbing for one of Barbosa's ankles to help move him faster, but his injured shoulder gives a serious twinge as he lifts the unconscious dwarf's leg, then trying to grab behind the limp knee to better lift him. 

Nevertheless, he plunges through the portal doing his best to keep hold of at least that much weight, vanishing into the unknown with Z'leyra & Barbosa, already thinking he might have to drop Barbosa's leg to re-draw his mace once he can see again. He's beginning to feel a bit dizzy now with the light all around him, and with the break in the fight - brief as that may turn out to be. 

The shield was heavy, & he kept it as close as he could to balance its weight above his injured shoulder & off the arm itself, for the strain on the arm would weaken his hold, until the shoulder could be tightly bound to support the torn muscles. He could feel some blood trickling down his back, but he was far more concerned at the moment of how bad Barbosa looked.

Bess L. Hadley

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