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Pyan makes sure no Armor suit is going to attack him them makes for the portal at full haste as he looks around do make sure he doesn't run into another suit of armor he notices Barbosa missing, di he already make it thourgh the portal? He also notice Z dragging something and wonders what she's up to, but he was ordered through the portal *now* so doesn't think anything more about it, estead focusing on the terrain so he doesn't trip while running as fast at he can.
--- It is with books as with the fire in our hearths; we go to a neighbor to get the embers and light it when we return home, pass it on to others, and it belongs to everyone. 

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   Character Name  
Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to

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Update #100 sequence (file #745)
Notes: None.

   From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
         Seeing Barbosa
down, Z'leyra goes defensive and drags him through the portal. Hoping to
be able to treat him on the other side.
   GM: Ack.

   From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
         [OOC This action
taken due to apparent facing away of armor suit #1]
         The last swing of
suit #1's attack has temporarily moved the …
   GM: Ack. Facing is more a note to myself not a 'must
be'  For hexes you have view of probably all sides of hex but
directly behind unless turn.  So that's 300 degrees of view? 
Good action!

   From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
to that damn portal.  Now!"
   GM: Ack. 
1:24:23 pm – South-East of Ma'Dor]
          [Turn 2:
Phase 3] 

   Arawn continues to study the runes but they are shifting
now.  The entire platform seems dynamically magical.  Some
runes are fading entirely and some are centering themselves on the

   Mournath moves to help Dorhak against #1.  He slips
past the large weird creature who is just sitting staring at Arawn. 
For a guardian he isn't too worried. Unless once the book left no need to
guard?  He swings at #1 and hits his shield doing no damage.

   Kiet next to portal activates his Jump spell on his boots
and jumps over the threshold of  the portal landing on other
side.  So not to cause fire in front of portal.  He rushes to
help the others and weaves in between  and 8 and barely inches from
Z'leyra.  The fire engulfs both Suits and #8 collapses already badly

   Z'leyra sees the 2 suits near her almost destroyed and
sheaths her great sword. She moves around 7 and drags Barbosa away from
the fire which licks at his body.  She drags him a few feet then
lifts the body.  She moves toward the portal.

last swing of suit #1's attack has temporarily moved the suit past
Raddok, who, facing north, now sees Kiet's flaming path toward the portal
& is startled. Then, seeing the suit near his shielded shoulder start
to turn, he takes a chance and swings his mace down toward the back of
the heavily-armored suit's knees, in an effort to knock it down. He bends
his legs, spreading them for balance as he lowers his height closer to
the dwarf height, making a swing that turns his body toward the
bone-occupied suit, swinging his mace strongly toward the rear of the
suit's knees and strikes strongly enough to hopefully knock the armor's
feet out from under it.

   The swing hits strong and forces #1 to wobble and then fall
toward Dorhak.  He deftly avoids being smashed by armor. 

   After this strong swing, he quickly re-balances, straightens
up and steps back, shield in place, prepared to strike again - and sees
the portal blinking. "Dorhak?!?", Raddok calls above the noise
of the flames and fighting to the nearby Captain, looking at the shimmer
of the portal changing. "Do we head for the portal? Look what's
happening!" He looks quickly at the suit again, ready to strike
again, this time toward the arm carrying the mace [whether the suit is
standing or not], but already eying a path toward the portal.

   Suit #1 tries to sit on his knees to stand up but Dorhak
kicks him back down.

   Suit #7 swings on Kiet but is weak and misses.

   Pyan spears #7 who is on a thread and does the final damage
to make it stop moving.  

   Dorhak raises his mace and hesitates.  To smash such
richly armor is sickening.  But he glances at the portal and hears
Raddok.  "Everybody to that damn portal.  Now!" 
Then he closes his eyes and bashes the last bit of “life” from the
animated skeleton.  


1:24:26 pm – South-East of Ma'Dor]
          [Turn 2:
Phase 4] 

   Arawn hears Dorhak and glances at the portal. Based on his
estimate it could close in seconds.  Maybe 10 if good 3-5 if bad.

   Mournath runs to and through the portal.

   Kiet moves toward the portal but can't leave until the last
one leaves due to his fire.  He waves the others forward.

   Z'leyra enters the portal and disappears.

   Raddok moves to and then enters portal.

   Dorhak moves toward portal and realizes 12 suits of plate
could fetch him enough gold to become king of even human nations. 
That is the true loot of this cave he will lose.  He stares at the
creature and whistles for Arawn to move his pointy eared Alfar butt
now.  Then he enters the portal.

   Pyan runs and enters the portal.

   The creature gets close to Arawn and nudges his back and
grunts.  Arawn glances back and realizes the party but Kiet is
gone.  It seems the creature is saying to go.  But if he makes
the wrong decision here?  Arawn glances at the portal and it shrinks
to about 40% of its size.  

1:24:30 pm – South-East of Ma'Dor]
          [Turn 3:
Phase 1] 

Update: Saturday?

          GM: A
short update but it was fast to do.  I will resolve what happens –
assuming not TPK – on other side of portal hopefully next update.  I
have tons to do this week Mon-Thur plus gotta do benefits for next year
that takes a day or two.  So there is little chance of a update till
Saturday.  But I may try Wednesday.  We'll see. 

          GM: Arawn
– Figured busy.  If need to chat email or we can use FB or some
other form if needed.  Based on distance it will take you 4 seconds
to get to portal.  Keep this in mind.  

   Kiet – How long wait for Arawn? Once you leave he'll have to
move through flames if leave first.  But it risks you being stuck

          GM: Damage


         7 – Mace
         10, 24, 2 – Mace
         3 - Spear
         9, 3, 3, 1 -
          12, 6, 23
– Great Sword

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