[pnpgm] Update #54: Raddok prepares to "fire"

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Mon Jan 14 17:59:34 CET 2019

[Sorry - I forgot to switch my last update to .txt. Feel free to skip as many phases as needed to speed things up.I'll try to cover what happens at the right ties - lol]

[Apris 27th - 1636th] 
[Time: approx 2:13:40ish]

Raddok sees the coward pirate dive below the sea's surface. This somehow disturbs him. Maybe the pirate is afraid of being hit - but where did they all come from in the first place? He turns to Dorhak. "Captain, something feels very strange about this. Where did those rats come from - and where did that one disappear to?" His eyes open wide in concern. "Captain! Could there be something going on below us we cannot see?" he looks around swiftly & spots Kiet up front. "Is there a magic way to see what's below us?" 

He waits for an answer, then adds to the Captain. "Arawn gave me this ring. It shoots fire darts. I plan to aim it at the pirate ship's sails as soon as it's in range - just so you know. I don't know how much damage it will do till I see it work." 

(If Dorhak sends him to have Kiet check the hold, he will then quickly clean his sword on the dead pirate's clothes & RUN to inform Kiet as per orders.) He will then move to the side of the ship, somewhere between the front amidship to central amidship closest to the side the approaching ship is coming toward, & find a spot behind either barrels or crates where he can hide from arrows until he can use the ring. (This is what he will do after any order Dorhak may give him) He hopes, since Arawn said the ring shot "split darts" at multiple targets, that he would have at least two fire darts with his shot at the mid-sails of the coming ship. He will only use it once on the coming ship, so he can try to also hit the other ship if/when it comes in range, altho' it seems to have slowed? "Weird, this whole attack," he thinks. "Magic."

Once in cover, he grips the great sword with his left hand, keeping it ready, and freeing his right to use the ring, mentally reviewing the strange magic word that will trigger the ring. Thank goodness it wasn't a common word like 'fire' or he'd be in danger of burning the ship under him. 

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