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Pyan gets his sword and shield ready for when the boards get to close to use his bow. He then recalls a story from his tribe that tells how a brave warrior acts in the chaos of battle as he prepares himself for what might be the largest battle he's ever been it. --- It is with books as with the fire in our hearths; we go to a neighbor to get the embers and light it when we return home, pass it on to others, and it belongs to everyone.

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   Character Name  
Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Brutto..........Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #1
..Finn............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #2
..Ardrackle.......Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #3
..Zepp............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #4
..Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to
..Zol.Zim.........Wolf....Npc................Ma..Zehani Wolf/Ix's Friend

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Update #52 sequence (file #468)
Notes: None.  

Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
   The captain will do his best to rush up to the top deck,
evaluate if there is really a problem, and see if the 'others' have
already dealt the final blows.
   Attack with everything he has.  And try not to be
eaten. dragon snacks.
Ack.  Sorry got this post just as I was sending out last
update.  So could not add to last update.

          From Kiet:
[Re: Actions]
   Well, Kiet is well and truly awake, but doesn’t know
immediately what just happened. Kiet chooses to err on the side of
caution and complete his Elemental spell.  One never knows what
trickery might be in play...and that thing may just come back.
Ack.  Come back.  Heh. :) So finish pact but no summon
ack.  Pact is formed.

Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
   Z'leyra kneels down and does her best to save the life and
leg of her crewman.
          GM: Ack.

          From Kiet:
[Re: Actions]
   Kiet goes over to Mournath and asks him "Do you want
some help with that wound?"  Assuming he does, Kiet will show
him how to use his magic dagger, with warnings about not interrupting the
vibrations from it.
 If he declines, then offer to the other wounded sailor.

   Kiet will cast the banish at Maximum EL.  And pray it
          GM: Ack.

Raddok: [Re: Actions]
   Raddok arrives on deck just in time to...
          GM: Ack.

Raddok; [ Re: Actions]
   I agree with Scott in a side comment made to me - Raddok
will continue to remove his armor when going off-watch for the night, but
keep it nearby, along with his weapon(s), even tho' he might miss a fight
or two. He's adding leather soap & oil to the supply list for the
next port stop, along with the coin to pay for it. (whew)
Ack.  There are no real rules for armor donning.  But combat is
so fast that anything harder than chain takes too long.  To me
Leather, quilted might take 1 at most 2 phases.  Ring/scale about
2-3.  I usually take into account time, if sleepy, if tired and
stats (ie how fast you are, etc.)
Dorhak; [Re:Actions]
   Dorhak can’t really do much against a cloud.

   "Turn the ship and run from the storm!"
          GM: Ack. 
Raddok: [Re: Actions]
   It seems unlikely that Raddok has ever met ….
    If someone with more experience disagrees, he will
listen to their suggestions (if he can hear over rising winds)
          GM: Ack.
Issue is the lightning – one hit...your dead. ;) Wind is least of your
worries. But I'm sure someone will mention this later.

Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
   Yes, if no other magic is cast to heal Zepp, Z'leyra will
cast a Max EL shamanic healing to heal him (after getting Oriented at EL0
if not already
   When she becomes aware of the approaching storm she will
order "Haul down the main sail! Batten down the hatches!...Everyone
not needed on deck get below! 
Those staying on deck tie yourselves off with a safety rope!" 
   She will only leave the jib up to maintain directional
          GM: Ack. 


21st, 1636TH]
3:03:00 am]

   Raddok arrives on deck just in time to see the dragon crash
onto the lockers and deck, into a broken, bloody (& horridly odorous)
mess. The crash is reverberating & a bit stunning, and he falls back
into the doorway & yells in surprise.

   Fremea glances at the mess of the sea dragon and back at the
others.  She can see Dorhak glare – knowing if looks could kill
she'd be dead and buried. Suddenly she darts off. 

   Kiet goes over to Mournath and asks him "Do you want
some help with that wound?" Assuming he does, Kiet will show him how
to use his magic dagger.

   Z'leyra does first aid on Mournath before Kiet uses the
dagger.  Kiet hands the dagger to Mournath and explains its
use.  But nothing happens.  Kiet grumbles not wanted to be
embarrassed by a dagger.  Maybe Mournath did something wrong? 
Yeah, probably.  Kiet reminds him not to resist.  This time the
spell takes effect and his wound (4 points) heals completely.  

   Z'leyra treats Zepp to stabilize him.  But the wound is
deep.  She cleans it out as much as she can but dragon spit in the
wound could carry germs of dangerous nature.  Hopefully the gods
will help that.  Tapping her drum she enters a orientation state
then casts a shamanic healing on the sailor.  Zepp's wound heals
fully but he aches sore to avoid helping with the dragon mess.

   Z'leyra casts a minor healing spell upon Brutto and it is
fully healed. 

3:08 am]

   Fremea lands with something cupped in her hands.  She
begins to cast a spell on it and then drop it to the deck at the mess of
dragon guts.  Suddenly the borrowed large bird transmutes into a
large carrion insect at least 5 times its size.  The half insect,
half leech thing looks like a giant flea that is now devouring the sea
dragon corpse. This thing weighting about 60 pounds and 4 or so feet tall
can eat about 5 times its body mass.  No one gets close for fear of
being part of the meal.  

22nd, 1636TH]
7;11 am]
   The flesh-eating beetle thing has been happily eating for 4
hours when the gulls arrive.  By now 80% of the body is gone. 
So the gulls do help and mainly take the 'bits' away.  It will take
almost 90 more min when about 98%o the dragon is gone. By now the bird
changed into beetle thing is bloated to a huge size around 180
pounds.  Then it stops eating the flesh and mops up most of the
blood and gore. Before it stops and waddles to a corner to sleep.  

8:18 pm]

   The magic spell begins to convert the beetle back into the
bird.  The bird wakes up startled and leaps to the railing.  It
then discharges vomit from his beak of what all he just ate.  For
those on watch this is a bad sight to watch. Confused and scared the bird
takes off flying to the shore not far away.  But those who watch
notice it discharge from the rear a steady stream of grossness.  

   But at least by now the deck is 99% clean.  There is
still a smell of the boards and some stains.  Planks will probably
be best to replace them once in port.


23rd, 1636TH]
12;05 pm]          
   The cloud approaches fast toward the ship.

   Well, even with this storm coming, if it truly is an
elemental, Kiet might be able to help.  While concerned, he doubts
his spell failed before.  The target just left for a while. 
And while it came back, it wasn’t really in any condition to cause Moore
trouble, if you don’t count the broken boat parts, the smell, the blood,
and the mess that had to be cleaned up.  It was a good thing dinner
was so long ago. His stomach started to rebel, but not too bad.

"If that’s a cloud elemental, I will try to banish it.  If it
doesn’t work, well, only magic weapons will harm it."  He
thinks for a second and follows up with "I think it might be a good
idea to have water buckets handy in case it starts a 

   Raddok watches the odd storm charge forward.  

   sheathed on his left hip (for a cross-draw - it's an easier
draw for the larger blade), and his leather armor. His quilted armor has
been hanging from the rails near the wheel, and is still slightly damp
but the fog yesterday had delayed its being completely dry and his pack
is now stored doubled-up with one of the sailor's belongings, or along
the wall of surviving lockers, if there's not enough lockers for everyone
to share. 

   As he finishes his lunch, he notices the coming
thunderstorm. It seems to be coming rather fast, so he goes to secure his
backpack, shield, mace & quilted armor, tying it tightly with rope
around one of the surviving lockers, checks to be sure it's securely
shut, storing away the slightly damp armor inside.
   Dorhak can’t really do much against a cloud.

   A weaponized storm!?  Seriously?
"Turn the ship and run from the storm!"

   Damn these, these, things!  Giants, fish men, now
fluffy homicidal clouds?

   At least Dorhak have a magic sword.  If Kiet is right,
it has a chance to help.  As if he can reach that high.
   It seems unlikely that Raddok has ever met an elemental
cloud, although he's certainly heard of them. He suggest to the others
that they tie themselves, on a lead, to a float-able part of the ship,
one of the railings, etc, so that if the cloud succeeds in breaking apart
the ship (unlikely, given his talented companions), they can at least
float on the sea, and would be much less likely to be tossed overboard
from a tossing ship. I assume the sailors will drop the sails asap when
wind rises to a certain point. Tied by lines or ropes, shipmates can
still move around some to assist the ship or fight (is a sword effective
against a cloud?), but not be lost overboard, as they are attached by the
line to the ship.

   When Z'leyra becomes aware of the approaching storm she will
order.  "Haul down the main sail! Batten down the
hatches!...Everyone not needed on deck get below!  Those staying on
deck tie yourselves off with a safety rope!" 
   She will only leave the jib up to maintain directional
   In the time it takes for Kiet to finish speaking the cloud
is now overhead , having only needing a few seconds to cross the
gap.  The wind picks up as the sailors urgently try to pull the
rigging down.  Mournath was at the wheel to turn the ship around but
the cloud can make the chase easy on itself – almost 200 feet per
second.  So it is too futile. 

   It is too late to lower the rigging as the cloud is now
overhead.  Kiet considers kicking in his boots but would take 5-6
seconds.  He does rush to the lockers to grab his wand however at
least he can do that.  

   The cloud sits above the ship as random lightning flashes
above in all directions.  One large bolt hits the aft starboard
anchor rope section.  The ropes as large as a elephant's leg burns

   The cloud directs wind to all on the deck slamming folks to
the deck. Folks tumble, fall or struggle to move and can not.  The
sailors are pushed against the rigging mast and remain standing by the
rigging ropes in their hands.  But they are unable to move.

   Unali and Arawn are the only ones to move by sheer
will.  Arawn inches toward the fire but realizes the rain from the
cloud is helping.  Unali tries to brace against the lockers and
holds onto a rope hand held on top of the lockers for such windy
situations.  Ready to attack...attack a cloud.

   No one else is able to move but a few inches.  

   Kiet is slammed to the deck but rolls over to face the cloud
on his back above him.  He tries to speak but the air itself is
blown from his lungs.  But sheer will creaks the words needed. 
He waves the wand as he can swear he sees eyes forming above him staring
right at him.  Eyes that sparkle with lightning that may hit him any

   Kiet begins to speak the words to banish the elemental as it
is confirmed now. 

   Fremea ignores the wind and flies to get a water bucket and
flies toward the fire of the ropes.  She is affected by the wind but
not as much.  She douses the fire but it will take a few good runs.

   Corona flies away from cloud unsure what to do.

   The cloud suddenly begins to diminish a bit as the diameter
shrinks a bit. The Elemental then forms into a cloud dragon.  Dorhak
groans not another dragon! This bloated cloud-beast lands on the deck
with large claws and fog for feet.  Its fat body is surrounded by a
swirling fob bank.  The head is more that of a storm giant with two
very large eyes that flash with lightning.  The cloud beast turns to
the rigging ready to do some damage.

    As it changes shape it continues to pummel the people
on deck with wind but in the energy used it does not  cast lightning
directly other than its thunderstorm of random blasts around the

   This time Arawn and Unali are pinned to the deck.  How
can they fight this thing if can't move!

   Fremea douses the fire with another bucket of water.

   Kiet finishes the spell casting and yells the final word as
he points the wand at the cloud beast.  

   Meanwhile Mae is inspecting some new silks she found in the
last port in a cabin unaware of events on deck.  Ix is playing with
the wolf in the hold also unaware of things.

   A clap of thunder is heard that is greatly supernaturally
loud cracks around the cloud beast.  It turns to Kiet and roars a
gale of wind that makes Kiet roll 10 feet slamming into a locker hurting
his head.

   But the thunder ends with the beast gone as it
vanishes.  The thunderstorm soon slower as it is natural weather
leaves the ship as it travels fast south.

   The sailors without missing a beat rush to help Fremea and
ignore the whimpering Kiet rubbing his head.

   Everyone but Arawn, Unali and Fremea take minor damage from
falls, scraps and minor cuts (1-5 points).  Kiet takes the most as
his head begins to throb and bleeds creating a headache he hasn't felt
since Unali's birthday party at Cholan's long ago.


24th, 1636TH]

   The day is overcast for the most part and a winter front
hits the area making it bone cutting cold of 2 degrees to only a high of
42.  Who said this was spring?  Low winds allow the ship to
move only 9 miles.  

8:21 am]   

   A large water spout about 8 feet wide quickly forms to port
about 100 feet.  But it dissolves within a few seconds.

3;42 pm]   

   Corona warns of a large whirlpool ahead between two large
reefs and Mournath navigates the ship around it.

10;11 pm]          

   Those on watch are hit by a freezing piercing wind storm
that lasts 9 minutes.  Finn and Zepp on deck in Hammocks rush to
ensure rigging safety of the sails.  But in the end there is no


25th, 1636TH]

   The clouds part and most of the day it remains clear and
sunny.  Good winds push the ship 20 more miles.  Temperatures
range from 21 to a nice comfortable 73 degrees.

9;31 pm]      

   While most of day is clear a small cloud front floats over
the anchored ship.  A slow moving hits the ship for 12 minutes
before moving north.  Those on deck are drenched again.


26th, 1636TH]

   Another great clear and sunny day.  Those on late watch
are freezing as temperature decrease to a single one degree.  But it
does quickly rise to 62 at the high.  There are no weather effects
today for a change.  Average winds allow the ship to travel 17 more
miles south.

4:15 pm]

   The ship spots a large school of sharks around 12 strong as
large as a small great white.  Raddok decides maybe tonight is not
good time to swim.


27th, 1636TH]

   Clear and bright sun makes this day a good day to
travel.  Though no clouds are around at 2am it goes down to 1 degree
again.  During mid day the temperature only climbs to 37
degrees.  Superior winds are so steady and strong some even consider
ending Arawn's spell.  The ship could ake 66 miles in only 12
hours.  But the ship only needs 56 or so to go.  Sailors are
forced to lighten the rigging of raising less sails to prevent stress.

2:05 pm]

   It has been a long 200 miles form Halle.  The sailors
are getting more nervous by the hour.  Without being ordered they
wear armor and weapons.  If the captain and others ignore their
warnings at least they'll be ready.  So close maybe only 1-2 hours
away from Dechat.  A hive of pirates that most respected sailors
wish to avoid.

   For a few days now no ships have been seen since Halle
probably due to Dechats reputation avoiding the sea lands going further
west out of sigh of land. The ship is now about a half mile west of a
alcove where the land blocks the lagoon there.  Thick trees dot the
shoreline for miles.  Corona heard stories of Dechat from Pyan as
they talk and so decides to scout ahead.  

   At the base of the lagoon a ship is passed.  It flies
Bhamotin flag but when flags are flew to see if parlay is needed the
Bhamoti merchant ship replies negative as they are only stopping to fix
sail cloth.  Unali raises her spyglass and does indeed notice 4-5
sailors climbing up and down the sails to fix holes.  The other
captain says they have plenty of sail cloth so does not require help but
is grateful for the offer.

   This interaction lasts only a few minutes as the winds blow
the ship fast south.  Zepp slowly turns the ship to the south west
to round a bend. Mournath checks his charts and if his math is correct
the ship should arrive at or near 3pm.  

   The ship slowly rides the way and turns back south east
around the bend now only about a mile from shore.  As the ship
rounds the bend Corona report a ship in open waters but doesn't
understand flags.

   As the ship moves and straightens out for a pure south-east
path it will pass the other ship in a few minutes doe to these fast
winds.  Finn reports, “Dechat flag!  Common..” He lowers the
spyglass and pales.  “Pirate flag!”

   Zepp grabs the glass for a look.  “Doesn't appear to
bee official ship of the city so that's good.”

   Then Corona dives low and calls, “previous ship is now
moving fast this way.”

   Everyone turns aft and sure enough the Bhamoti ship is now
also rounding the same bend.  But this time the flags are changing
to the same pirate flag.  The sailors look to Dorhak, Mournath and
Z'leyra.  If these winds weren't so swift they could out run the
first pirate ship.  But it will soon catch up.  Now the
Marentian ship is now caught between two pirate ships.  Those with
knowledge of ships estimate they probably have 15-30 sailors – maybe a
bit more for marines.  



finally the update is done.  I lost about 16 hours due to starting
late and holidays.  But its done now. :)  As to the Dragon
event Fremea decided to teleport it up but in chat I must've missed
diagonally.  So rolled for impact instead.  She is sorry for
the mess and we did chat on ways to clean it.  We figured a giant
insect works and would not be wise to get near it.  Based on math
and google I figured it could finish it in X hours.  So that was
solved.  Does still leave a bit of a mess and smell but 90% is
cleaned up.  As to elemental that was over quickly.  It decided
to sink ship by its own 'hands' so changed but due to so fast actions
didn't get chance.  I did roll for that random blast ship/player and
the rope anchor pile lost.  If it hit a player would be dead. 
That's about a 50% chance and what 1 in 16 after that. :) So darn got
lucky.  If magic is done to heal or use dagger fine.  But I'll
assume for today's pirate visit all are fully healed.  Special
thanks to Raddok for those great posts.  Sadly due to changes
(insect) and other things I had to tweak those results.  But still
good stuff.  Since I have Ix and Mae sheets again they are able to
fight.  All are either on deck or below.  Even if below deck
should have 1-5 minutes max before surrounded by both ships.  Keep
in mind with Arawn's spell may need to auto-circle or try to run past but
with these winds the pirates do have a slight edge.  The superior
winds were rolled way before this encounter was rolled.  Happy new
Years!!  Language chart updated below.  Dwarfs goofed on dragon
impact it was row N center that was hit.  I may work on the update
Wednesday and probably Saturday.  I am off Sat half the day so good
chance there.  But I also need to add tons of stuff like experience
and such from my notes.  I can do that now that I have the recovered
character sheets from November (thanks tobie!) It will take me a week or
two to work on sheets for IBT as well.  This is the last encounter
until Vahear.  But if ship docks in Dechat there could be some
there.  If no big encounters then we can move to Vahear
finally.  I will process IBT then and move to Vahear after

      GM: Language Necklace Use: Roll W+EM or
Buff: +Em Mar 24th, +W Mar 29th

Learning          Notes
Mar 26th  
Mar 29th   Eagle from Corona   Fail
Mar  30th  Eagle from Corona   Success
Apr  3rd  
Apr  4th   Bhamotin from Kiet  Success
Apr  5th   Bhamotin from Kiet  Success
Apr  19th   Cerulean from Arawn Success 
22nd    Cerulean from Arawn Success 
    Apr  23rd    Fomorian from Unali
    Apr  24rd    Fomorian from Unali
    Apr  25rd    Fomorian from Unali
    Apr  26th    Fomorian from Unali

          GM: Watch

First  ( 7-10pm) - Dorhak, Raddok, Ix
Second (10- 1am) - Arawn, Mae, Pyan
Third  ( 1- 4am) - Fremea, Z'leyra, Mournath
Fourth ( 4- 7am) - Unali, Kiet, Barbasa

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