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Dorhak is fairly used to making decisions, and has thought about this some.  Understanding the ship to aft is closest, he decides on assignments.

"Arawn!  Ix!  Head forward and do what you can with the ship ahead.  Kiet! Z’leyra!  Head aft and do what you can to ward them off.  We don’t need to destroy them, just scare 'me off.  The rest of you gather amidship to repel borders."  He looks over to Mournath and continues "Except you.  You need to stay at the helm.  I want you to close directly on the ship ahead.  We’re gonna play 'chicken'."

"Gather what weapons and arms you have time to reach.  Make sure you are using what cover you can find."

looking around some more, he mumbles "Where is that blasted faerry?"

dorhak will use mace and shield.  If he thinks he has time, he will armor up too.

to Mournath he says "I want to get close to the ship ahead, but not so close we hit him.  I want to pass him and make him turn around.  It may gain us some time..
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