[pnpgm] Update 109 - Raddok interrupts

Bessie Hadley eleabess at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 23 03:55:24 CET 2019

Raddok was becoming distracted from translating - his discovery in these gear bags among the sleepers needed to be shared immediately. "Dorhak!" he called softly. "Listen to me - these 'raiders' are not warriors! They are carrying mining gear and ore. They are probably thieving from the folks outside. We need to let them know what we found & let one or two of them in to see what's here & who we are." He spoke first in Marentian, for the party to understand his discovery, then repeated it quickly & more quietly in Dwarf Elder. He notices Arawn with the book, but pays no further attention, as Arawn could deal with that issue easily, he was sure.

Bess L. Hadley

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