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   Arawn gave Kiet a weighted smile, gently shaking his head when the acrobatic elementalist offered to glamour the tome.

   "I can do so or else spirit it, and us, away if need be. But thank you."

   The alfar turned his attention back to the conversation taking place at the cave entrance, confident in the ability of Unali and Fremea to keep the humans in check. His brow furrowed, lips pursed as Dorhak addressed the Besamer with the crude grit common to dwarves. It was one thing to act entitled when a stranger in a strange land - bad enough that is! - but it seemed Dorhak little understand his cousins.​
   The besamer, as he recalled, were a peaceful and gentle people, prefering to heal and protect without prejudice. A far cry from most dwarves indeed! In fact, what he knew of them endeared such folk to him, the alfar having wished to meet the besamer if the stories were in fact true!​
   Gnorf seemed wise enough to not push for a battle without necessity but if Dorhak didn't adapt the alfar worried that an unnecessary battle could ensue. Stepping out from cover, the tome carefully tucked away, he made his way towards the entrance where the kin-folk argued.​ When he came into Gnorf's field of vision the druid smiled, his manner indicating a peaceful approach. He stopped close to Dorhak's side.​

   "Greetings, wise Gnorf. I am Arawn, a healer by nature and druid by training," he said, trying to ease any wariness of the besamer's part.​

   "These are not dwarves," he quietly informed Dorhak. "These men are besamer, kin but as different to dwarves as night and day. They are gentle but strong, prefering peace in a way most people would fail to understand. I know you speak honestly with them but try to think, they do not know you to trust you and only seek a fair investigation of the truth. Perhaps a more diplomatic approach might be best."
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