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Maelorna smiles as she walks past a few clients she's enjoyed in the past.
Her gown, like most others is tight fitting where it needs to be and unlike
some of the tarts who wantonly show off their wares.  The velvet gown is
designed more to tease and hide her assets, thus she almost has to dance in
order to entice those watching her.  Which is easy enough, as she walks
with a well practiced motion, her hips swaying in such a manner that would
cause a priest, male or female to forget their vows.

Arriving at the gates she smiles at the men and ignores the inner voice
demanding to feed and make them into thralls, always it's the same.  She
stops at the gate and caresses the iron bars while looking at the guards
hungrily, her eyes promising the dark delights she can offer.  She sighs
and gives a petulant pout as the steward yells out, however as she passes
the guards, she does caress each one on their should, "Perhaps later?" she
offers as she walks past them, hoping they might take her up on her offer
later after all this business is over.

Oddly she doesn't see the dwarf, she had assumed he would be outside
waiting for her to give her some sort of dire warning about not touching
him or his possessions.  But as she failed to notice him, she entered the
front door.
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