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   HT         Player       Character Name     Type    Status/Notes   Sex
   -- ------------------------------------------------------------------
   FH.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar... Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W2.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #3 sequence (file #61)

       Admin Notes: None.

         From Kiet  [Re: Actions]
           Kiet gets the message and decides that such a summons is...
         GM: Ack. Welcome back to game! From IBT That is. :)

         From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
           Wondering what is going on, she tells the kids (students..

           "I will do some scouting....
         GM: Ack.

         From Mae: [Re: Actions]
           Just as she was about to try her luck with...
         GM: Ack.

         From Wout: [Re: Situation]
           I'm fine, but rather busy. Deadline for large european
           grants is today.
         GM: Ack. Yeah got the slew of emails.  I'll get to the 2
             big ones in a few days.  Thanks.  Still unsure how
             you'll get to Sivas unless a teleporter like Arawn or
             Z or Fremea gets you.

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           Based on the news from Dorhak and Damon, Z'leyra sends...
         GM: Ack.  I may have not said it so well but Damon had hoped
             to get to the docks - next to it at the square.  So
             they can make plans.  But I guess Damon/Dorhak can head
             back to the manor.

       [New Stuff]

           [Marqi Frisda 23rd, 1636TH; Sivas, Marentia]

           [Time: 9:30 am]

             Based on the news from Dorhak and Damon, Z'leyra sends out
           messengers to the various party members. She figures that a
           meeting at the manor will allow them to be appraised of the
           need or opportunity to help.

             She informs the cook to prepare for feeding a larger than
           usual number of people tonight.

           [Time: 10:14 am]

             Kaylle watches the steward leave and finds the summons
           interesting.  So they are looking for Aren and others.
           He perks up and heads to a back room.  He opens the door
           and walks inside.  There he explains to the person at
           the desk reviewing some scrolls what just happened.

             Unali stands and gathers her bag.  She nods at Kaylle and
           then wishes him luck on his search she requested.

             Kaylle nods, "Maybe there is trouble?  But seems like they
           are going to the manor.  You might want to stop by before
           you head east for the Duke."

             Unali leaves and finds her horse all packed up.  She
           mounts and moves toward the manor.  Duke Aren had requested
           some help with a L'p'nth interrogation.  The Duke has heard
           of Kiet's methods but the kingdom does have a bit of honor
           to uphold at least in public.  So Duke Aren requested help
           for her skills to question the witch.  Course anyone could
           do it with even the least bit of skills.  But Duke Aren
           trusts Unali.

           [Time: 10:20 am]

             Kiet gets the message and decides that such a summons is
           rather more important than the bugs in the garden.  Best not
           tell that to the gardener, however.  The old guy gets testy

             Not knowing what this is about, Kiet decides on what to bring
           with him.  The message didn't include any indication of a
           danger, but our group tends to attract trouble the way Kiet's
           plants attract bugs.

             Hmmm...well, Kiet thinks he will take his riding horse into
           town.  It's been a long time since the horse had some good

             Kiet will keep it light, but still be armed.  Besides dressing
           in one of his nice sets of clothes, he also pulls on his magic
           boots.  Of course, it's never a good idea to leave unprepared,
           so he belts on his sheathed Tulwar, grabs his shield with the
           magic dagger in the sheath plus his other two daggers.  He
           thinks about it for a second, then puts on his money belt and
           re-tucks in his tunic.  His various pouches, one for 'stuff'
           like the whistles, and one for money.  Kiet also decides to
           bring along enough to buy a nice meal for the group if he hangs
           around for dinner and they don't want to eat in.  Both rings, as
           if they were ever off his hands, his wand, his fennel pouch he
           keeps under his tunic, and a nice pearl necklace visible around
           his neck.

             Then Kiet heads out to Z'leyra's manor letting the gardener
           know, and to tell the cook not to bother with dinner...but does
           she have a small snack handy before he leaves?

             Kiet rides at a brisk pace, but not really all that fast.

             Meanwhile in the north east of the city Fremea gets her
           message at the same time.

             Wondering what is going on, she tells the kids (students now)
           to keep practicing and she will finish up with them later. Since
           she already has her what she likes to carry with her around
           town, including her daggers and bow, she quickly flies over to
           Z's. It has taken awhile to have people realize it is not a
           demon coming to get them when she flies around, however she
           still goes higher than she normally would just to make sure she
           gets there without interruption.

             Upon hearing that the smelly dwarf was captured and was
           rescued, she wonders why anyone would want him. "I will do
           some scouting with my telescope, so they will not be able to
           see watching them at all."

             She flies off to see what is going on and wait for where
           they will all join up and tell them what she has learned.

             Meanwhile Z'leyra's manor guard arrvies at the brothel
           a bit too eager to be there.  He delivers his message to
           Mae and finds some new fun for at least an hour - hoping
           Z'leyra won't miss and dock him wages.

             Just as she was about to try her luck with enthralling the
           tax collector, the door slams open and she turns to glare at a
           mercenary, or guard perhaps, as she realizes it might be a
           potential client she smiles, "Sorry dear, occupied at the
           moment, give us a bit would you," The thoughts race through
           her mind, she had been careful thus far, other than the decaying
           demon, but that seems to have been lost in the normal rumor mill
           of the city. However, she at least waits until she's finished
           with the tax collector and his more than disappointing pride of
           his manhood and once finished, she then opens the letter.
           Maelorna glares at the cat, 'I don't need an audience thank
           you,' as she thinks about kicking the cat. If not for it
           having become the brothel's unofficial pet, she would have fed
           upon it long ago. After cleaning herself off, she reads the
           note and sighs before looking about for her things. She makes
           sure to wear one of her better gowns as well a cloak. Around
           her neck she still has the preserved eye on a silver chain and
           smiles as she caresses it. Her crossbow is in it's familiar
           place strapped to her back while her rucksack has her other
           gear inside. She secures her dagger to the silver belt and
           chuckles softly as the single strand falls down the front of
           the skirts of her gown.

             "I'm not looking forward to this, first he slaps me, now
           he's asking for my help?" she tells the cat, wondering truly
           if this isn't a set up and if she will need to protect herself
           from him. The guard might be a valuable toy to protect herself
           with and perhaps keep with her, but her promise to Arawn doesn't
           make it a difficult decision, if he was there, then it was less
           likely the dwarf would be trying something.

             'Unless of course he's turned upon you as well my dear,' her
           other half teases, 'It's not like if you do make him a thrall,
           the others won't care, after all he's just a human,' she sighs,
           all this time and her other half is still wanting her to make
           thralls, yeah that was fun, especially when she had trouble with
           Zin. Best case, this isn't a trap, worse case, she'll make do
           with what males are at hand, especially if it does turn out that
           the dwarf is setting her up.

             Maelorna talks briefly with the owner before setting out and
           pays for her room for two months, she doesn't mind if another
           uses it, but she just wants a place to come back to.

             Even if it does have a pair of cats.

           [Time: 10:40 am]

             Fremea dots the skyline of the city fast as a eagle.
           Without winding roads and distractions she flies over
           the gate of Z'leyra's manor.

             The gate guards look up and moan.  "Was that a bird?"

             "One of those people on those flying rugs?"

             The other points.  "No.  Just that winged girl person
           thing."  The other guard sighs.  How can one guard a manor
           if folks just fly over and land on the roof?  He expects
           Z'leyra to scold them more likely.  Especially those naked
           demon flying women who acted a bit too much like Mae came
           and attacked the place.

             Fremea lands on the roof and greets Corona.

           [Time: 10:45 am]

             Kiet arrives at the manor and finally gets access to
           the grounds after the guard, a new one, didn't recognize
           him.  But the other guard ushered him inside.  Kiet waves
           to Fremea on the roof talking to Corona.

             Just before the gate clanks shut Unali arrives at the
           manor.  The guards are surprised and the old guard who has
           been here for ages lets her in.  He is surprised by her
           presence as she lives in Maren city.

             Unali nods to Kiet and waves at Fremea.

             From the roof Fremea raises an eyebrow.  Why is Unali
           here?  Did Chion or Arawn get her?

             Both Kiet and Unali house their horses at the stable and
           hands them over to the stable boy.  They trust him not
           to go through their stuff.

           [Time: 10:48 am]

             Mae saunters up to the manor gate.  The guards smile
           and ensure uniforms are straight.  Mae playfully tries
           to enter without entering.  Running her hands up and
           down the long hard bars as she smiles and flirts with the
           guards.  Finally the steward yells form the front door to
           let her in and stop wasting her time.

             Mae frowns at the steward - such a party downer.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Saturday...?

           GM: A short minor update.  At this point I've not heard
               from Pyan or Arawn.  Now the party can stay here or
               head to the docks but need to let me know.  Dorhak -
               what was your instructions?  To meet at the docks
               or come here to the manor?

               For Dorhak I'm doing some small scenes as the party
               gathers and that will be coming soon.  I need to
               coordinate the time as Dorhak's mini scenes will be
               long done by time Mae arrives at manor.

               Now a bit of status update on Fremea's IBT.  I've not
               done much sadly.  I did about 3 weeks.  But when I
               ever start a IBT the first few weeks are toughest.  Then
               once get in groove it goes faster.  Since those first
               few days are more detail/recap/catch up stuff.  I will
               be doing more today and Wednesday.

               I am also working on a NEW player.  Said player will
               soon appear as well as another new player soon.  As well
               as Mournath will return soon.  Stay tuned. :) So party
               will be 11 strong. :)

               We got Unali to Sivas based on some emails.  So that
               part is solved.

               Next update? Unsure.  Maybe Saturday? If not then
               next week.  I'm swamped with things for now.

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