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   HT         Player       Character Name     Type    Status/Notes   Sex
   -- ------------------------------------------------------------------

   FH.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar... Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W2.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #2 sequence (file #54)

       Admin Notes: None.

         From Mae: [Re: OOC stuff]
           "I wouldn't even dream of touching him, let alone knock him
           over. Considering he warned me not to ever touch him again.Â
           Well, maybe with a ten foot pole, but that would be too
         GM: Ack.  Never know its one of those love hate things maybe
             Sam/Diane (Cheers) or Sybil/Bruce (Moonlighting).  Might
             openly hate each other....but :)  But this is all ooc of

         From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
           Dorhak actually growls at this Demon, or Damon, or...

           Dorhak looks up at Damon.  "I think I remember your....

           OOC: Happy New Year!  Looking forward to the quest...whatever
           it might be.  I hope it's also profitable.  And hope to help
           make it fun too!
         GM: Ack. Yeah I only try to make bad adventures so we'll see..:)

       [New Stuff]

           [Marqi Frisda 23rd, 1636TH; Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 9:18 am]

             Dorhak actually growls at this Demon, or Damon, or whatever
           the humans name is.  How dare he stop me!  He then realizes the
           man is probably right.  The dwarf doesn't have his armor, best
           weapons, or his shield with him, needing most of his strength
           for the statue.

             The statue!  Oh, these men will pay!  That statue was a lot
           of work and worth 40 fine pieces of gold, at least to that
           silly blue-hair human.  Admittedly, if was some of his finest
           work, but that was just crazy.  Like so many older humans with
           more gold than sense.  While Dorhak wouldn't steal from them
           (perish the thought!), he certainly won't be like that crazy
           tall elf and point out their error. Those men shall pay,
           however.  Not just the 40GC, but damages for Dorhak's reputation
           for failure to deliver, and interest, and most especially for
           ruining great deal.  Then there is the amount for kidnapping and
           hitting Dorhak on the head.  Twice!  Not to mention the ignominy
           of having to hire male models just to get some idea of their
           silly private parts.  Some of them even expected me to have
           sex with them after the modeling session.  Sick bastards.  I
           was paying them as models, not to get my jollies.  Ugh. I didn't
           bother to tell them how inadequate they would be for a dwarf
           female.  They would have just pointed and laughed.

             They must not be allowed to get away with this affront!  It
           was actually quite good work.  Seeing it busted into pieces made
           his chest hurt.  I wonder if it's too late to get the pieces.

             Dorhak looks up at Damon.  "I think I remember your name
           mentioned in a group of people I know.  Don't worry!  Nothing
           too bad.  Even a guy name Kiet may need to talk to you.  I like
           him.  I can almost look him straight in the eye.  But I think I
           want some help with this.  How about we go visit this 'Z'leyra'
           you mentioned and see if she and some of the others wouldn't
           like in on this.  Especially that fiendishly tall woman that
           likes knives a bit too much. Almost like a fetish. That and
           black clothes.  She's nice and all, but kinda scary."

             Damon smiles a bit too broadly and wickedly and looks
           back to the ship across the water.  Why does this
           man grin like a mad man?  That may not be good for
           Dorhak.  Damon turns and pats the dwarf in the shoulder
           who growls.  "Sorry.  Yes.  Let's go.  I suspect it may
           not take long for the ship to learn of the kidnappers
           being missing.  I suspect at most an hour maybe two."

             Damon briskly walks down the dock with Dorhak trying
           to keep pace.  This human seems quite fit and agile for
           a pirate?  He seems more pirate/rogue then a legit
           by the book merchant ship captain.

             "Sounds like you describe a friend named Unali."  He
           says as he rounds the corner heading to the main street.
           Dorhak raises a eyebrow - what are the odds of this man
           knowing the same people?  Could this be some kind of
           trick for this man to get close to him or the others?

             "Don't tell anyone but that fetish thing may be quite
           close.  On the flying...I mean on a island I heard she
           kissed Kiet and had daggers in her hand.  Course she
           says that she just fell on him.  But don't know on that.."

           [Time: 8:40 am]

             Does the man ever stop blabbering?  Asking if Dorhak
           hides coins in his beard of all the nerve!  Then
           asking how many other dwarves he knows.  Then of all
           the gall he asks if the brothels can cater to his...
           special size.  Dorhak is about to show his special size
           with his fist when they arrive at Z'leyra's gate.

             The guard nods and unlocks the gate.  "Master Dorhak..
           Captain Damon it has been a long time sir."

             Damon glances at Dorhak then the guard.  "You've
           been here before?"

             Dorhak grunts and shoves the gate and guard aside as
           he enters the manor yard.  The guard shrugs, "yes he
           knows Madame Z'leyra."

             Damon shrugs and smiles.  "Is she in?"

             "I believe so she was in her office earlier."

             Damon nods and catches up to Dorhak at the door
           as the manor steward opens the door.  The steward
           glances at Dorhak and sniffs the air.  It seems
           the dwarf has taken a bath and seems clean.  He
           nods and shows them in to the parlor.

             One of the other guards waits in the hall unsure
           if needed for the dwarf or not.

             Damon glances at a new red vase.  Soon the cook
           enters with drink and some warm bread and grapes.

             Damon stands and bows, "it has been awhile since
           what Unali's birthday party when the vile bad guys
           attacked us?  What over a year ago?"

             Z'leyra arrives and Dorhak starts to explain the

           [Time: 9:06 am]

             Damon finishes a grape.  "So we were curious if you
           could round up the usual suspects...I mean friends
           and see if we can help the lad out?"

             Z'leyra considers this as Dorhak growls at being
           called a lad like he is some human brat.  Z'leyra
           then calls in her steward to find a nearby messenger
           booth and dispatch messages.

             The guard in the hall peeks in.  "Excuse me.
           I know..ahem..where Mae is...or ...rather where
           she lives at...to work..I mean..I can...fetch her."

             Damon smiles.  He has no idea who this Mae is
           but she sounds eye catching.

             Z'leyra has no clue where Arawn could be here in
           Sivas or across the globe.  She directs him to ride
           to Kaylle's library.  If Arawn is around maybe he
           knows of his location.

             She directs messengers to Fremea's warehouse or home.
           Then to Kiet's new place assuming he is there today.
           She looks at the guard and knows she'll have to figure
           out how close the succubus is to this guard later.  But
           she nods and waves him out of the manor.

             Dorhak mentions Mournath but no one knows where that
           sailor must be.

             Damon hears Unali's name.  "She is in Maren
           city at her place last I heard...ahem....I was
           there recently at a party.  But getting her today
           might be a bit difficult unless Chion is around."

             Z'leyra last heard of Pyan's location was in the hills
           to the west.  She can send Corona to find him.  But
           the steward interrupts.  "He is back in town.  I
           saw him at the market selling animal pelts.  He
           asked about a nearby bathhouse  This was a hour ago
           but he might still be there  I'll dispatch a messenger

             Z'leyra nods so Unali and Arawn might be the only
           hard to find folks.

             Dorhak stands and says he has an errand himself.
           He needs to gear up.  Then he rushes out of the
           manor leaving Damon to watch through the window.

             "Strange lad eh?  Does he ever laugh or grin or
           does that bear just cover it all up?"  Damon asks.

             Z'leyra recalls the slap heard around the world
           or at least to Mae.  He did sort of grin then.

             Damon explains what the party might be up against
           in terms of numbers.  Storming a ship is not all
           that rare.  Wharf warfare is common among the workers
           and riff raff.  But its done a bit less discreet.

           [Time: 9:19 am]

             Dorhak leaves the manor just in time to see the
           steward who always seems to sniff around him.  As
           if he has a weird nose problem.  The steward considers
           picking up Dorhak on his horse but wonders if those
           beards might harbor some bug that can eat horse
           brain or such.  So he rides on quickly to find the
           messenger post.

           [Time: 9:26 am]

             Damon exits the manor saying he should get back
           to the dock.  If they dispatch folks to find the
           kidnappers he may need to intercept them.  He
           tells the crafter-healer where to meet up just
           off the dock.

           [Time: 9:29 am]

             Dorhak now half jogging rounds the corner to find
           the alley he was attacked in.  But as he rounds
           the corner he backs up quickly.  There are a half
           dozen city guards.  He peeks around.  They are
           inspecting the bodies and sounds like calling for
           a wagon.  Did that guard just kick the statue
           pieces against the wall and break another part of
           the statue's bottom?  Dorhak growls.

             Dorhak wonders if he could complain to the city
           and get his money back!  He heads to the artists
           quarter.  But this time he sneaks on back of a
           carriage heading that way.  It is so better to
           ride than walk fast.  Just hope the driver doesn't

           [Time: 9:41 am]

             Dorhak jumps off the carriage and jogs to the
           quarter.  He finds his pal the artist woman and
           asks her to watch her place in case he doesn't
           return anytime soon.  Then he runs inside to gear
           up.   He grabs his coins and general wealth and
           rushes out.

           [Time: 9:45 am]

             The steward fails to find Pyan in the bathhouse but
           is told he might be at a local tavern based on
           questions of the staff.  He heads there and finds
           Pyan eating breakfast.  He does not go into detail
           but says that he is needed if possible at Z'leyra's
           place then leaves.

           [Time: 9:50 am]

             A messenger arrives at Fremea's warehouse and
           delivers the message to her dad.  Anorlic finds his
           daughter on the roof teaching two teens how best to
           do martial arts.  He delivers the odd message of
           her presence needed at Z'leyra's.

           [Time: 9:52 am]

             A messenger arrives at Kiet's manor.  Well
           actually the 3rd manor after getting lost.
           He delivers the message to the gardener.  The
           gardener finds Kiet in the garden tending to an
           insect problem.  He delivers the message on
           being requested at Z'leyra's place but with a bit
           vague details.

           [Time: 9:55 am]

             Dorhak arrives at a moneylender's place that
           the gate guard said Z'leyra uses.  He hefts
           his coin bag and jewels and waits for a receipt.
           Then reminds him that losing HIS gold would
           result in a penalty.  The moneylender almost
           throws Dorhak out for the insult.  But for all
           of this pile of gold he keeps his mouth shut.

           [Time: 10:02 am]

             The guard arrives at the brothel and straightens
           his collar.  He grins broadly.  "Back so soon?"
           The brothel owner older lady comments.  She
           waves at the girls.  "We had that new one there
           and at a nice price."

             "Was looking for.."  The guard notices her nice
           rump of the new girl.  "What's her name?  No.  No.
           I'm here...wow green eyes too?..no I'm here for

             "She is with a client."

             "I think its important."  The older woman
           waves him down the hall to room 6.  The guard
           rushes down the hall and opens the door to find
           Mae on top of a tax collector paying taxes?
           Mae glares at the guard as she was just about
           to discreetly have some fun with her will. but
           the guard passes the note then rushes back to the

             "I have...ten minutes..."  The guard grins at
           the older woman and digs for his coin bag.

           [Time: 10:12 am]

             The steward arrives at the library and looks
           for Kaylle.  The scholar-fae says he has seen
           Arawn briefly asking about something on the
           Bishop whoever that is to the steward.  Kaylle
           explains he has gone to a local temple to give
           honor on his return.

           [Time: 10:20 am]

             The steward arrives at the temple and moans.
           He doesn't see much need for this religious
           stuff.  But he notices that strange horse outside
           and knows Arawn is inside.  He heads in to find
           Arawn at the corner lighting a candle.  He waits
           for Arawn to stop and whispers his message.

           [Time: 10:23 am]

             Dorhak heads to the dock.  It has been a hour or
           so and is eager to get this done even if its broad
           daylight with many folks in the area. He finds
           Damon on the dock watching.  Damon sees the
           dwarf in armor and helmet.  "Ready for battle
           eh?  I did see 2 leave the ship.  But they headed
           this way south not east so looks like going to the
           general store for supplies down that way.  So I
           don't think they were looking for the kidnappers."

             "Now we wait for the others..."

             Dorhak growls and ignores the stares from
           those on the docks fishing.  They've not seen
           a dwarf helmeted and armored with a shiny mace

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Monday...?

           GM: As listed in the bio file Damon was played by old
               BBS user named Nomad. Can you guess how he came up
               with his pc name? :)

               There are gaps above where dialogue can be given.
               Dorhak can give that rousing speech to Z'leyra
               to recruit others or such.  Reactions to the
               various summons can also be done if needed.

               I have a thing Wednesday so doubt will do another
               update until Saturday?  This will give folks time
               to organize and plan.  Rather for Dorhak to plan
               as leader. :)

               Arawn or Z can go fetch Unali if needed.

           GM: Fremea - how goes that IBT? :)

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