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Wed Jun 24 23:25:13 CEST 2015

   * Kell's IBT

     GM: Since Kell has been turned into NPC I have decided to do a
         rough version only not a detailed IBT.  This will speed
         up things so the new players can actually have fun.

      Kell basically spends the time learning more on a merchant skill
      for the first 26 or so days.  Then he spends time improving
      his spear and scimitar skills.

      Everything else will be kept behind scenes.

      If Mark ever gets back to us (we are hoping) then we can
      do more details IBT.


Whew that was long :)


Done with Fremea's IBT.  Tobie will reiew for approval for posting.

Now I'm working on Unalis will take 2-3 days.  Since my days off are 
over will be a bit slower.

Then Arawn/Z's IBT but those will be the largest I suspect since they 
do tons of spells.  Those may take a week each.

So in theory we could start game in 2-3 weeks?

I still got to iron out details.

Still got tons of other work  so we'll see.

I also finalized the sale of the treasure of rparty shares.  That 
will be posted in Monday's update unless I do Unali's IBT by then.

Stay tuned..

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