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Gem: Medium, flawless, average clarity, Dark Ruby, 80.0 SC

   It wasn't exactly settled.

   Arawn is NOT claiming the gem as his own. He wants to use his Jeweler skill on it, turning the Gem into a Jewel and then mounting it so as to turn it into Jewelry. Once this is done he'll return it to the party and they can sell it or do whatever they wish with it.

   If anyone is really stressed over this Arawn will pay 80 SC, the cost of the gem, to the party if he should botch the roll and ruin the Gem.

   Arawn is just looking to increase the value of the stone for the party while working on his skill, which is actually very high. The reason he's interested in working on this stone over lesser stones is due to the fact that it will be worth far more exponentially. This is to benefit the party. Arawn isn't concerned with money.
   Ultimately, if trying to decide what to do with the Dark Ruby is causing headaches for anyone I'll just leave it alone. Arawn can purchase stones to work on at anytime - working on the Dark Ruby was really to benefit others in the party.

Enhanceable Gems:

   Not sure how the party wants to deal with splitting these but Arawn's interest is in either the Ruby or the Tourmaline. As to Kiet's suggestion on how to handle this, I'm fine with it.

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