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     In-between time Information for new and old players alike.

     This is a brief overview of the In between time and how
     to handle it for new and old players.  If your an old
     player and know how to handle it that's fine.  But it
     has the schedule you'll need below.  For old players
     you can skim the info if you want if you've done this
     before.  This is the Free Form part of the adventure where
     you can do anything you wish.  The document that has
     been on the website for a few weeks contains the same information
     but I'll duplicate it here since its important to understand
     what's needed.  The link will remain on the site until all
     in between time is done for a reference.

     1. Schedule: The below has the schedule for the time before the
        next adventure.  While in normal table game adventures you
        have no clue when the next adventure starts.  But in
        a PBEM its difficult to get everyone on the same page
        at the end and ready for the next adventure.  This is
        why there is a known schedule.  There may be a month
        or two of adventure and 3-4 of down time.  This is how
        it really tends to be more realistic rather than constant
        adventuring.  Since winter is now on it also makes sense
        to wait till spring for common sense.  PLEASE stick to the
        listed schedule and include the dates of when you do what

     2. Actions:  There are three types of actions to post.

        A. Generic - This is a broad plan outline.  For example
           you wish to look for ornate plate armor in the local
           shops to buy.  This is sort of a outline.  The good
           thing is its a constant plan of action.  the bad
           thing is the more broad the time period there could
           be more or less of a chance to complete the task.
           The more broad your actions the more it will take
           away from other broader actions.  Decreasing chances
           of success overall.  But if you say to only spend
           X dates to Y date doing this its more specific and
           specialized and more chance of success.  Keep in
           mind though if you think a task will be exceptionally
           hard like buying a 300 room estate or establishing
           your own spy network for example then this kind
           of task will take away from the other 2 areas of
           actions.  So if you have questions on these things
           email me first and let me know and we'll talk about it.

        B. Skill training: Training in a skill takes 3 forms.
           Self education gets 1 point per day.  If you have
           someone more expert or friend to show you the same
           skill you get 2 points per day.  Books may earn
           3 points.  But for instructors and books you may
           have to pay for the supplies/materials and instructor
           fees.  So if you have friends who know the skill
           get with them for free training :)

        C. Spells: Practice casting spells each day or once
           in awhile for pure experience and expertise.

     3. Format:

        Format can help do these actions FAST or slow.  The
        below has examples of format.  The more detailed the
        format is the better.  If you do a simple paragraph

           One day go to the healer's shop and buy bandages.
           Practice sword skill two days.  Go to blacksmith
           and get new boots...

        That tells me nothing.  Since no dates are there I
        will be forced to assume all that occurs on the
        first day and for the remainder nothing happens.
        So best to use the formats I list below.  This
        is critical for my speed and sanity.  If you want
        to run drafts by me that's fine and I can review.

     4. Encounters -

        Life still goes on.  Encounters can occur.  If you head
        into the forest you could run into a demon or a
        thief in the city.  Because there could be upwards of
        850 encounters for everyone I will do them.  I will
        roll if there are any.  Then roll your character in
        npc format.  i will not cast any spells.  I will only
        react in pure combat defense if needed.  This will
        add experience.  If there is a life threatening situation
        like your attacked by 3 dragons and 14 demons I will
        get with you for advice :).

     5. Public results:

        When your time is done I will post a summary more or less of
        the events.  In a diary like format.  If there is
        something private like killing the king and you want
        that to be kept secret I will do so.  But otherwise
        will assume all would be public (ie told in campfire
        stories or the tavern around ale).  If you absolutely
        don't want anything posted let me know.

     6. Lastly, tips:

        A. Encounters: Let me know how your character would
           typically deal with encounters.  Do you always flee?
           Fight with sword and dagger secondary?  Etc.
        B. If Skill I need the name, how long (days).
        C. If spell, What EL, what are your rules for failure?
           Do you want me to repeat this spell if failed and if
           so how many times?  Keep in mind not all spells
           can be known if failure.  For example Speed you can
           tell works but you have no clue if Purification
           works as there is no pretty lights and colors.

     If at all confused or have questions best to ask now before
     you work on it.  If you don't want to do ANYTHING.  That's
     fine this time is optional.  You could do like Xian and
     his actions consist of 1 paragraph.  Takes 10 minutes to
     write up or you could be like Z'leyra and do 5,000 spells
     in the time bringing down the eyes of the gods for all that
     magic cast in such a short time :)  So with that said the
     below is the added information:


         * Adventure $3/#4 "In Between time"

           Decalis 23-24 - Party returns to Marentia for down time.
                           Too busy selling treasure and catching
                           up on daily activities for training.

          Official in-between time starts

          Apris 3-14 : Total days 12

          Total days for in-between time - 12

          Adventure #4 will officially begin on
          Marqi 29th (March 29th).

          Actions to plan -

          Per day can plan to practice one skill (combat or other).
          Per day alone gain 1 point per day.  But if do other
          actions or skills reduced by 50% to 1/2 point.  If
          have an instructor can gain double the value.  But if
          not a party member/contact/friend must pay for their

          For some skills its easy to practice like a sword skill
          by sheer use.  But some skills require more in depth
          use. For example to practice Thief skill may require
          risks involved in doing so per day.  Just keep this in

          Training Spells -

          Each day you may also cast spells.  Keeping in mind
          failures and abysmals may occur or backfire.

          Note: Keep in mind for spells my policy is that the
          more spells you cast the more you may be observed by
          the Gods or other forces.  While low ELs no one cares.
          But if your getting like EL10 with Fireball or Death
          Powers for example you may become tagged by the Fire
          or Death gods to investigate.  They may consider you
          a threat or a potential ally.  Sending their Avatars
          (the god's personal top servant in the middle world)
          to investigate.  This should not persuade you NOT
          to cast magic but just keep in mind the risk.  The
          higher the EL the more risk and responsibility one
          may take from it.


          Format of planned actions -

          Example 1:

            Practice Sword skill 12 days
            Practice Whip  skill for 5 days with help/expert

          Example 2:

            Febris 14 - Sword skill practice
            Febris 15 - Horsemanship skill practice
            Febris 23 - Practice Fighting Dagger

          Example 3:

            Febrie 4: Practice Whip, Cast Fireball EL1, Luck EL0
            Febrie 9: Cast Teleport EL3, Cast Divination EL0


          Important things to include in actions

          1. If Skill - Skill name, how long (days)
          2. If magic - Spell name, EL
          3. If Magic - What are your rules for failures.
             For example, if 1st fails repeat if repeat how many times?)


          Encounters - During your in between time it is very
          likely encounters will take place.  I will roll Random
          encounters for each person.  Due to length of time 10
          or more players need to do 85 plus days of encounters
          (850 days of actions) would be months.  Therefore I
          will do the encounters based on your skills.  I will
          not perform magic.  But if a combat situation will
          randomly roll to defend and such.

          It would take too long to do the simple random encounters
          for each person.  So this is the best policy.  If
          it is a vital (life threatening situation) I WILL
          contact you for further instructions/comments/actions.

          So for encounters I could use the following info:

          1. Normal daily activities (ie visit rich section
             of town mostly or poor section?).  In general terms.
          2. If magic what might be your common defense spells
             in combat situations.
          3. If combat what skills to use mainly for defense?


          Concentrated events -

          There may be events that require total concentration
          of your time for that day.  For example.  If you
          plan to buy a house, run a ranch, run a tavern,
          buy a ship or gamble.  Those things take time to
          concentrate on and your actions will be limited for
          those days.  For such time consuming actions you can
          ask me if they need time or not.  If they do then
          you will have to use that day for that action rather
          than training.  Working as a job would take alot
          of your time as well.


          Encounters -

          For normal 'combat' situations I'll need to know what
          your character might tend to do to defend himself.
          Like what kind of combat skills and such.


          I would prefer all final outline/actions be done in one
          email.  This way I can handle everything at one time
          rather than bits and pieces over time.  First come
          first serve.  Once the plans are finalized I'll do
          any random encounters and process the actions.  This is
          more or less considered the Free Form part of the campaign.
          Since it would take months to do all 10 or more characters
          of free time in great detail I have to do them as quickly
          as I can so for new characters this will be something
          to get adjusted to.  Its still your free time I'll just
          handle stuff like encounters.

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