[pnpgm] IBT...progress

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Thu Jun 4 00:41:01 CEST 2015

Ok. Some progress...

I've reviewed Z's history and culture data.
I now have a general outline of adventure.

Alex you will not know of this until end of hte IBT.  The Hook will 
be done then.
Keep this in mind fo rIBT.

IBT based on my outline and new players I've decided on the next IBT Time. ]

Back in Marentia Octagi 5 night time.

IBT Starts - Octragi 6
Final day - Novehas 15th.

Using the calendar names burton has :)

This gives you guys 6-31 25 days and 15 days for 40 days.
A short IBT to help me out  abit and we do have new players.

PLUS Alex as leader has decided it will be riding by horse.  That 
aloen may be a month or two of time.  So before anything even goes on 
that'll be maybe 4 months ?

So for now you can prepare for that 40 days.

For the riding it will be done then.  Once adventure starts.

Alex you will get teh hook on Novehas 15th

A party meeting can be then held quickly for leaving.

So we'll start Adenture #7 on Novehas 16 officially.
IT may nto be departure date from Marentia but a good starting point.

My next step is back to character sheets.
So guys please do not work on IBT until I send you updated sheets.
But if you want tips or help witha generic IBT you can do so.

Hope to have sheets all out by next week at latest.

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