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   * New Rules to Adventure #7

     A) Enhancement - This has been changed in the past but now I've
        agree that each enhancement rite/spell will be distinct.
        So if you have Enhancement - Garlic then it will be increased
        separately.  This prevents the more generic MUs from waving
        a hand and poof.  Info in Rules file.

        How do you guys feel about a spell for magic items?  So you
        would need to cast said spell before using rings or such.
        Like a Activate Spell.  It would prevent items for EL restrictions.
        So a activate EL5 would only allow 0-5 ELs but not a EL6 ring.
        I'd probably make it a long duration like a hour or two.  Not
        seconds or turns.  Let me know what you guys think on this.

     C) Documentation Rule and NEW rule only
        Knowledge Spells use the alone method not instructed system
        on learning things or casting.  So you gain the basic Die
        roll points not the instructed bonus.  This is only a simple
        clarification but I'll add it to the rules file.

        As a reminder when you use this spell to in some fashion cheat.  Some
        feel that way.  You don't just learn things out right.  A spell or
        Skill needs the X to learn.  But something more unclear like how to
        change a flat tire on a wagon might be harder to determine.  I'd
        assign a cost to learn and then apply those points to it.  Just
        a reminder on the method.

     D) Making Items - There are already rules for making items with
        failure of certain items destroying the items.  I've already
        gotten around the side step to this - Divination before casting -
        and its proven well.   Div is nice but not perfect for this and
        not a good cheat. :)  But for now I think we will need to make
        things a bit tougher.  This will be a case by case basis.  But
        when you want a item it should be illustrated fully (not an image
        but fleshed out detail wise).  A simple talisman of Might fine.
        But aside from color, size, gems, chain, etc those items may need
        to be sought for.  Adding gems to a sword hilt might take a extra
        bit of time than the basic rules.  Folks have been making items
        for now 15 years.  I think going forward it will be more realistic
        than just gather items, cast spell and poof item made. IT will
        truly be a mystical epic level thing than just wave of hands.
        This will not be set in stone in terms of This or That.  But
        if you plan to make things ask ahead of time.   I can outline
        any changes needed.

        Also read the Laws of Magic on the P&P site if you are to make
        items.  It is 2 image files from Heroes.  Short article.  But
        I think I'll be using those Laws more closely.  Too many items
        out there exist and common.  Some depend on these items way
        too much.  Some need those items to even function.  I do think
        more realism is needed in this area  So while there is NO
        set stone rules for this I will try to use the Laws more

        NEW Rule: Making items will be more restrictive in terms of
        the number of stuff on it.  I will use the simple EL of the
        spell involved.  For example a wizard with EL5 Ensorcellment
        can make 5 properties of the item.  But not a 6th.  Keep in
        mind improving the EL will not add another slot.  This is
        more kin to a "lifeforce" of a item stone or gem or such.  Thus
        once it is determined X properties then that's it.  Going
        forward I will make this # in each item.  So  you will know
        how many slots are left.   This is more realistic in knowing
        that the item is going to be X not A, B, C and maybe later
        in two years E and F.  It should be planned from the start.
        This applies for all of the Perm Magics.  So a new MU with
        EL0 Enchantment will maybe make a simple 1 attribute effect
        ring and that's it.  So I will do 1 slot for EL0 spells.
        I actually kind of like this new change.  :)

     E) Possible future change? Unsure yet.
        Some do 200 spells a day during IBT.  This is fine by the
        rules of free form gaming.  But there has to be some logic
        behind it.  Keep in mind the rules on Rep and Effect below.
        One could cast fire dart at a wall 100 times a day.  But
        the gods might find this annoying.  On a "he's doing it again?"
        basis.  So I may reduce the amount of expertise/experience
        given by the gods.  The problem is no set rule can be done.
        It will need to be done case by case.  So that 100 Fire Darts
        you might get the first 20 full rewards.  But the god who
        gives you that ability after 50 might give up and let you
        earn less or nothing.  Think of it this way.  Playing a
        Video game.  You are stuck on Level 13.  After three months
        you've memorized the bad guys movements and patterns.  YOU
        know you need to jump here pull that lever there.  After
        the 3,000th attempt is this real experience to you?  You
        just have learned the new brain cells to make your hand
        move such a way.  So bam you pass to level 14.  I hope this
        makes sense.  This may reduce the number of spells but in
        PNP I think dogs should have more input (not me as god but
        as the pnp gods).  This is NOT to punish anyone but to serve
        as a more realistic use of divine influence.  If we assume
        ALL magic is given by the gods then casting Luck to win
        Dice 800 times in one day might win you tons of gold but
        the gods may get tired of it and thus affect the reward. I
        will consider this IBT time and base on things use this as a new
        rule if you are doing 1200 Lucks in an hour. :)  Right now nothing
        is set in stone.

     F) Healing cost:  I have had a home brew rule on healing since pnp
        came out.  But it was never documented and will not be   This
        is to ensure that healing is more realistic.  Otherwise if
        the rule is known a Healer can say well he could last another
        5 minutes so I'll wait.  Healing must be fast and effective.
        This rule tells me the chance for healing will save a life.
        A simple % chance.   So at -1 hpv and you heal 30 does this
        mean automatic?  No.  It is based on the stats, the wound
        and other factors.

        Death healing: With magic stuff costs.  Well I think a new
        rule is that depends on the level of damage and % chance to
        save you MAY lose some Energy.  This will not be the cast
        always.  But lets say PCA is -10 and PCB is -4.  Healer
        heals PCA for 12 and PCB for 8.  Well the -10 by log would
        need more lifeforce to revive.  But it is based on the
        wound.  So PCB may have a dagger in eye causing acid in
        the brain.  But PCA might have a simple arrow in the body
        no where close to organs  Well the eyeball wound would
        might need some of the healer's life force to heal that
        acid.  So a number of Enl may be taken and given to the
        victim.  This is more realistic to the movies we all
        see the gal has to save her love but will drain her
        own body.  This factor will not be known.  But it will
        be small maybe a d10 at most.  Depends on the style of
        wound.  So effective now this will be used.  I think it
        gives the aspect of Energy lifeforce a better shot.  So
        life from the gods to the healer to the victim makes more
        sense than mana from gods to healer and no divine energy
        from the gods.  If you understand.

        A kid who has been in a frozen river for 1 hour the chance
        of healing is low.  So the healer should be forced to give
        some Enl to him.

     G) Magic has a cost.  I actually used this system years ago but
        around late 90s it faded away.  With that great TV Show
        Once Upon a Time it is back in my head.  I do think that
        magic should not just be free like paper towels.  There
        should be a cost.  Granted it will be for the most powerful
        spells.  A BMC 15 would have a higher cost than a BMC2.
        Not all costs are visible or known.  Not EVERY spell will
        to pay something back.  A simple healing a lizard might
        have no cost but if you heal 100 lizards in your garden
        that hour then the gods might give a cost like you start
        to sneeze or sniffle.  IT might be something very low
        like that.  But something more powerful like a Fire Dart
        might cost your mouth to dry out or lose water.  Causing
        you to tire slightly faster.  A spell Tracking may depending
        on your EL cost you distractions thus making you more vulnerable
        to influences   A hurricane spell might be bogus powerful
        but cost that 1000 miles away a insanely huge heat wave due
        to the wetness far away being sucked away.  Cuasing massive
        death and crop damage.  This will not be set in stone like
        X causes Y.  But keep in mind using magic will now have some
        cost from nothing to drastic stuff.  As a player you may NEVER
        know the cost.  This is not to make magic less effective. It
        is to balance the use of magic used already  Those MUs who
        use 1500 spells a day might have many bad effects but a wizard
        who only does 1 spell a month might never see anything but
        a coughing time for a hour.  Again this is NOT punishment
        or should make you do LESS.  I don't care if you do 1200 spells.
        All I am saying is know magic has a cost now.

     H) Reputation.  Back into play.
        I mentioned this maybe 2 adventures ago.  Reputation can be
        done on many levels.  By the people around you, friends,
        enemies, the government and most importantly the gods.  If
        a healer goes into a land and cures 10000 from a plaque
        then his reputation in THAT land will be extremely high.
        In some circles he might be higher like the healing
        community and maybe government in other lands.  To the
        gods like the lawful gods he would be seen as a great
        help.  But the same wizard who goes only to cure 3
        people will not be to the gods.  On the other
        side a Chaos wizard who enters a land and sends disease
        and plaque to KILL 50,000 will have a High rep of evil
        for the people, government.  But to the Chaos gods he
        might be sought as a Avatar to their will as a reward. To
        the lawful guys he would be a bane to be taken care of.
        I will be using this as always.  What you do has consequences
        for many and many you never see.  There will never be
        the posted rules on this in terms of X points for this deed
        and Y for that deed.  it is subjective and a home brew
        that I've used for decades.  But I do have numbers on the
        rep for each person.  so be a boring food vendor for 40
        years doing nothing will have a low rep.  Being Super Hero
        Barbarian Ax Man of Doom to kill all the bad guys he hates
        and end the rebellion will have a bigger rep.  Rep will be
        either slanted to one side depending on POV.  So again
        the Balance gods will have their own POV compared to a God
        of Chaos. Keep this in mind.  My general rule is that the
        higher the rep the more enemies one gets.  More friends they
        get like the High Elder recently.  A guy who has been killing
        1,000 villagers a month for 30 years will be sought by Law
        Avatars to stop it.  But the same Chaos gods might reward him.

    Thanks to one player for some tips on this to get me started
    on this topic.  I have updated the rules file and will post
    it to the current #7 website.

    Thanks for reading...

    Hmmm. I think I lost one rule.  Oh well.  If I remember it I'll
    mention it  But think I didn't save this file and typed over
    the stuff.  :<  Bad to have the same file in 2 windows  Bad bad!
    But you get the gist.

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