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Tue Nov 5 02:09:13 CET 2013

   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #57 in sequence (file #229)

      Admin Notes: Niko removed from Roster.

         From Kiet : [Re: Actions]
           Kiet is somewhat baffled over the renting of these nags.
           He says "Um, guys...I don't ever plan on returning ...
         GM: Ack. I forget what I quoted but renting for 2 copper is
             smaller than buying for 2 gold. :)

         From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
           Fremea gets fed up with the whole concept of the horse travel
           and just says to teleport.
         GM: Ack.

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           Well, Kiet was really hoping for a ride, but 40 miles in
           a day would probably kill the horses anyway.  Then he'd not
           only be out the rental cost, but he was pretty certain of
           having to pay the full replacement cost.  Probably a premium
           too because of their lost revenue while they find more horses!

           "Ok, if we are going to teleport, I'm leaving my horse ....
         GM: Ack.  Well Riding Is can do 25 miles easily.  With the
             road that's 1.5 due to the well worn road improved travel.
             So 37 or so miles.  Figure might edge another 3 out if
             a extra hour or two at night.  :)

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 28th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Salaqara, Donara]

          [Time: 9:25pm - North Salaqara - Tavern]

            Before leaving the tavern in haste, Kiet approaches the
          bar keep and slides some coins to him.  Saying this for
          the young man who will return in the morning called Niko
          and then some for his own effort.  The man takes the
          coins and just grunts.  Ungrateful guests wrecking his
          place and not even staying.  Doing damage to a customer
          who may come back to haunt him.  He walks away grumbling
          to himself.

          [Time: 9:47pm - North Salaqara - Stables]

            As the party start to haggle and select horses, Fremea
          is pacing back and forth behind the party.  What could
          be worse than a boring ship ride to Samma would be horses.
          First Etain figured a few days then they learned it might
          take 8 or 9 days.  That week delay could mean the death
          of many people if the thief got the next piece.

            Fremea wonders if the thief is a wizard or just a plain
          lucky mundane.  To use the device maybe a mundane might use it.
          But to know about the magical painting. That may imply the
          thief is a wizard.  Then there is the biggest evidence of those
          teleport disks that took the admiral away to his doom.

            Kiet is somewhat baffled over the renting of these nags.
          He says "Um, guys...I don't ever plan on returning to this
          town unless I am wearing a flawless disguise.  Why didn't we
          just buy some horses? It wouldn't be significantly more than
          what we are spending on 'rental'."

            Fremea stops in mid pace and looks around.  Teleport that
          means the thief either has magical friends who made the
          disks or he/she can use the spell.  That means the thief
          could be there a full week before they get there.  That might
          give the thief time to get the final piece and kill many -
          including her own parents.  That is not acceptable at all.

            Fremea turns and moves quickly away from the stables.  She
          yells over her shoulder there is no deal and no horses.  The stable
          owner shrugs as if he has seen deals fail many times and just gets
          back to work inside the stable house.

            Kiet looks a bit dumbfounded.  What now?  Etain and Raban
          quickly follow Fremea.  Then the rest followed with a confused
          but disappointed Kiet in the rear.


          [Time: 10:28pm - North of Salaqara - Plains]

            The party moves silently in the dark for some time away
          from the gate.   Finally Fremea turns and stops, stating that
          she wants to teleport to Samma now.

            Kiet stoops a bit and tries to catch his breath.  This little
          leader can move fast with tiny legs.  "Ok, if we are going to
          teleport, I'm leaving my horse gear behind. I'll buy some
          wherever we end up.  Also, if there are going to be two
          teleports, I'd like to be in the second one, please."

            "Oh!  And is there a chance we could land not in the middle
          of a town?  I'd like to disguise myself before we get too far
          along. You all should consider the same."  Kiet looks over to
          Raban and says, "I'm sorry Big Guy.  I don't think there is much
          we can do to disguise you enough to be not as noticeable."

            "Z'leyra.  Your necklace is a rather great hindrance to me
          and my magic.  Might I impose upon you to put it away until
          you think it's a good time to check for illusions?"  Kiet is
          using his gentlest manner in making his request.

            Raban shrugs, "well the nice thing is they tend to put eyes
          on me and not you guys.  So I'm a good distraction.  They might
          notice you but would not give detailed info unlike myself. How
          many times do we pass a person in the market?  Can you give
          a full description from clothing to face if it was important?
          But pass a drunk dwarf with a long beard and carrying a mug
          you could probably give details.  It is not how much you don't
          look but how much you stand out.  I stand out.  You guys tend
          to not do so."

            Etain looks to the group in the moonless light.  "Does anyone
          have a map of Samma or that area?"

            The group remains silent.  Unali groans slightly.  She did
          have a map of Donara but its at home.

            "We'll need a map maybe to get a good place to go.  I don't
          know how the spell works.  But the only one to been to Samma
          I guess is myself and Fremea.  But I am no expert. But doing
          it at this tome of night blind is dangerous.    How will it

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Friday...

          GM: Short update.  I was going to work on the random encounters
              and all that fun.  But teleport changes things.  I redid the
              scene with the horses time wise.  But we can't do that
              in every case.  Since it wasn't a big deal this time I
              rewound the time stream.  The stuff at the gate still
              happened just without horses.  Now I need to know who
              will do the teleeporting?  Then what will be involved with
              it and where to go (blind jump).

              Looks like it is 220 miles from Samma to current location.
              So a teleport will need that distance.  You will need to
              cover 6 people, plus 3 more (Raban  counts as 3 people
              for teleport purposes due to weight), plus wolf, plus
              eagle.  Will assume Squirt is small enough to be included
              with Kell's weight.  Not to be nitpicky on the gear weight
              let's say another 3 peole counts for gear.  So total of
              6+3+1+1 i- 11 people

              Chion could do that with a EL11 spell.  But the others
              here may need 2 trips.  There are Fremea, Z'leyra, Will,
              and Arawn can do the job.  Will has the highest EL but
              he is awol sigh.  Even once we know the 1-3 trips (depending
              on EL( I still need to know where and how to teleport (ie
              just 5 miles up and fall to the ground?).

              So I will wait for those answers before going on.

              So EL11 for 1 Trip else 2 lower EL trips.

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