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Well, Kiet was really hoping for a ride, but 40 miles in a day would probably kill the horses anyway.  Then he'd not only be out the rental cost, but he was pretty certain of having to pay the full replacement cost.  Probably a premium too because of their lost revenue while they find more horses!

"Ok, if we are going to teleport, I'm leaving my horse gear behind.  I'll buy some wherever we end up.  Also, if there are going to be two teleports, I'd like to be in the second one, please."

"Oh!  And is there a chance we could land not in the middle of a town?  I'd like to disguise myself before we get too far along.  You all should consider the same."  Kiet looks over to Raban and says, "I'm sorry Big Guy.  I don't think there is much we can do to disguise you enough to be not as noticeable."

"Z'leyra.  Your necklace is a rather great hindrance to me and my magic.  Might I impose upon you to put it away until you think it's a good time to check for illusions?"  Kiet is using his gentlest manner in making his request.

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> ok...leader has spoken!
> Whoever is teleporting will have to iron out th edetails...can email tobie/cc me or
> such...since horses are involved will /may need 2 trips
> get back to me on the info
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