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knew it could take some time for Fremea to release the anger and tension
generated by Niv’s unsanctioned touch, knowing that for her sake it would be
best to direct attention from her. The touch was a violation, even an innocent
bump likely to be registered uncomfortably by one with her past, and having
eyes or concern focused on her in that moment was likely feel like a further
invasion to one who found vulnerability a challenge. As such he decided it
might be best to continue leading the conversation until and if Fremea was
ready to speak.



alfar followed Niv as he directed attention to the blue vase, his eyes
scrolling over its surface to study it.


you for that. We appreciate the concern, truly.”



   “I know
little of this land but even I had heard mention of the wars that have been
waged between Donara and the Sidh, among others. But hopefully we will not be
completely without hope of allies there.

mother had told me of the nobility of the Salaqi, another group that had fallen
to the Donaron’s some time ago. I was told they still worship the Elder Gods,
in particular Morrigan, Manannan and Epona. If this is true then perhaps we
might find shelter and aid from them.”



took a moment, seeming to consider certain things before continuing.



   “If it
helps I seem to recall hearing that Ozon enjoys gambling as a pastime. Perhaps
the gambling halls might prove a good place to begin a search.


   Also, if
you know anyone who might have excellent knowledge of art that might be  useful as well, in particular the
paintings of Gorlic.”



   “As you’re
far more aware of the situation locally and the risks we might face in Donara,
do you have any advice for us? Perhaps a change of attire, coinage, or

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