[pnpgm] Game Update #39 - File #149 - Meeting with Niv

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Fremea doesn't seem her full self since they arrived in the area. She is constantly looking around to if someone is looking for her, or recognizing her. At times, when she is not near Z, she dons her headband to make sure she looks very different. Her restlessness of wondering the city is getting to her and not taking flight just gets under her wings even more. Her act of being a child seems to fit all too well right now and she is very irritated.

She barely glances at anything they see, only she assesses her surroundings for the best escape or how she could fight if she needs to. Not even the incredible hulking presence of Raban calms her to thinking that someone might find her here before she really gets to even figure out where to go. None of the usual trinkets or weapons in give her any interest, she is just getting impatient with the waiting to meet with Niv.

Being that she has only really been in the city (or really any city) as a free agent for a short time, she really doesn't know what to do with herself anyway and this one seems way too protective or on guard and not really anything for her to cause mischief to relieve her stress.

At the tavern, she fidgets around, not really eating anything. She watches the kids for a little bit, hoping that their noise and laughter could calm her some. As the night progresses and Niv starts to not show, she really gets a sour look on her face. Anyone looking might even call it pouting.

When Niv finally shows, she relaxes a little bit, but is even more anxious now to hear him out. She tucks the information away for recall later as he talks.

To Niv, "Was there anything about the son being prophetic also with his paintings?"

Once he is done talking, "We go to the dealer now. I do not want to lose precious time on this and it seems there has been lots wasted already."
As Niv leaves and asks to let the old man know of his service, "I will tell him what you have done here." Very dry, though she really does mean to let the Elder know of the service done for her.
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