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Quote Niv:

   [“You look like a man on a mission.”
He waves his hand toward the party in the kitchen area. “I don’t mean them. You
seem perplexed and confused but determined. A man almost broken. I’ve seen what
a broken man becomes. Just be careful.”]

   Arawn studied the man in silent reflection, the thoughtful look of contemplation in his brilliant blue-green eyes as deep and mysterious as the sea.

   The man seemed to have a good heart- his efforts to observe and advise others in areas that were often personal and significant showed a level of compassion that the alfar wished was more commonly found. The ability to read others a talent Niv likely honed through a life of illicit dealings but to carry it forward toward advising others admitted a wisdom that the alfar imagined was likely learned later in life, perhaps through challenges of the spirit and heart. Perhaps it was Arawn's own passion to discover mysteries, not the least of which was the nature of his binding to the mortal plane, that Niv picked up on, the confusion that the man spoke of but the reference to a man broken was a mystery to the sidhe. 
   Despite his entrapment here he was not fearful, saddened or dismayed at it. True he wished to uncover the mystery of his exile but he had a whole world to explore! And undoing the binding, setting things to straight would only enable greater freedom. His spirit had always known that the open road was his home, that it was wherever his feet tread. To experience the mysteries and adventures of this world... other worlds... the cosmos and beyond... and the inner space of his own mind and spirit- these things excited and strengthened him.
    He wasn't sure what the man sensed, or imagined he sensed, maybe it was Arawn's concerns for his family, his friends and hints of betrayal. But even those were minor things- his family was quite capable of taking care of themselves and even if he was betrayed he did not hold anger for a situation that he was not fully aware of... there was always another perspective to understand. But whatever it was that Niv seemed concerned with Arawn would take time to meditate upon it, to dig deep into his psyche for some truth or lesson that might be learned.

   "Broken? In what way?," Arawn gently asked, a hint of a smile upon his face.


   Arawn will convert all but 1 coin of each type into local currency
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