[pnpgm] Game Update #36 - Flie #140 - Money and Horses

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<Yay, finally some slow down time to think about gaming>

Fremea was completely quiet at the house after the violation (she shudders just thinking about it), no longer wanting anything to do with this man the Elder had sent them to. Many thoughts flew through her mind about what to do, but she would not leave the children fatherless this time. But, she did have a great idea about what to do that would not harm them also and have some pay back to this farmer.

After the others had eaten, she was not hungry, and they decided it was time to go, she had finally calmed down and started to get her composure back a little. Steel in her voice, "So, Niv, this debt you still owed the Elder must be pretty big to go ahead and help us still, after  disrupting your life in one quick shot. Why not rush us out of here and not help us, other than the access your silo gave us? I am, after all, just a Faerry." Her voice grew cold and unemotional at the very end.


After being on the road and Niv going way ahead of them, Fremea really starts to look unhappy. Not upset like she was, just not happy. "Grr, I want to fly again." She says under breath, almost not audible by anyone.

Once Raban says they are a troupe, she will stomp her foot, like a little kid, and huff while she just walks through the gates, giving a sly grin in her frowning face. Doing her best to act like a spoiled brat that is not getting any attention (which she knows, no one pays attention to a kid like that at all).

She will hand 1 gold over to Kell to get exchanged for her and just wait outside. She will play with rocks or a stick in the street like a kid does, creating some make believe game that only she knows.
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