[pnpgm] Kiet's response to the new man...

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Unali quickly brings her knee up to lightly touch Kiet's groin. "It 
would be a shame to crush such nice ... equipment."

"As for the scout, he may guess all he wants. Once the fight starts, he 
will have to choose what he fears most, magic or Vong, or night demons 
for that matter. For his sake, I hope he chooses the Vong. Till that 
time, he is free to worry about magic users only, and have his fears run 
unchecked, and the age-old conditioning might make him bolt. As long as 
he suspects, but doesn't know for certain, he will wonder and he might 
be curious enough to gather more information to make up his mind."

On 03/31/2011 05:39 AM, dasandersx at comcast.net wrote:
> Kiet is shocked by the suggestion that Unali makes and it shows. He
> grabs her upper arm (lightly, not in anger) and whispers to her "Unali,
> that is a bad idea. First of all, judging from the evidence...", Kiet
> nods toward Striebog and Raban, "...he probably has already guessed. And
> what kind of reaction do you expect from him if surprised once spells
> start getting cast?"
> <ooc - Keep in mind, people....Kiet's whispering so the prisoner can't
> hear...so you probably can't either...with some exceptions amongst you.>
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> Some comments from Unali: "I would not reveal you are special, as it may
> easily antagonize him more than the Vong ever could. As he is from the
> Master General's command, he has a Katai City background. The hatred may
> be especially strong, or completely missing, but I can't be sure."
> "I would invite him along when we enter the Mount. And give him his
> weapons back indeed. We can use the help, and I do not fancy another 100
> soldiers on our back while we are fighting the Vong. Then he can return
> to his unit later and organize a mop up."
> She is in favor of asking about Tor.
> "A group of soldiers this close may hamper going back by land. I do not
> fancy being chased all over Katai again. We need to think about our
> retreat as well before we enter."
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