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OOC:  I was too.  Waiting for Unali, or an older party member, to speak up.  But the posting deadline was looming, so Kell jumped on it.  That's something he'll do.

Maybe we should just use Cloud Walking and go straight to the top?  :)

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Ha'Kell waits patiently for someone else to say something.

OOC:  I was hoping Unali was going to say something.

completely exposed; a deathtrap.  Let's move down.  Fremea, can you scout down there a bit? Will, you too, you know woods well and are dressed for it.  Don't get too far from each other.   Farseeker, take point in case of an ambush. Raban, can you go forward too?   Ben'dar, can you cover the rear?  With Z'Leyra and Kiet to watch also?  The rest of us stay in the middle, but don't group too close.  Any possible flyers could hit a group.  If you think you're better at the front or rear, take that position.  Zhou, stay near Kiet."

"Once we're down off this pass and in cover we can formulate a better plan, and possibly find some entrance or find if we have to climb that mountainside."

Will quits his musing on the sketch of the dead Vong and wondering if the weakness in there armor is something he could exploit and returns to the task at hand.

"Sounds as close to a plan as I have ever heard from this group. I'm better in the forest than on the mountain so lets move."  Will is feeling a bit exposed up here as well.

OOC:  Scott does just traveling in the mountains count towards mountain survival?  After looking at my character sheet I see that not having mountain survival was a glaring omission.

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