[pnpgm] Game Update #178 - File #1235 - The Abyss

Murtha, Mark Mark.Murtha at dishnetwork.com
Thu Jul 28 16:53:50 CEST 2011

[OOC: Thinking about the Vong what and who, I have a thought.  Not sure Kell does though, he can't read the PnP books like I can.  ;-)  ]


Listening to the dieing farmer speaking in all these riddles, Ha'Kell can't but wonder what his Dad might think of him.  Dad was far more in tune to these things than Kell, as was Kell's older brother while he lived.  Dad though, he would have some ideas.  He knew and understood far more than he had time to teach Kell.  Then teachers became merchants and wizards and caravaneers, most of these not concerned with anything like this.  Gambling, swearing, and profits, yes, but this?  No.

"If we stop the brain or close the portal, this growing room won't matter.  If we cannot stop them, destroying one growning pond won't make a difference," says the half-elf to Arawn.

[... "He was one of my fellow warriors captured by the Vong.  I thought he was dead." Lin tells Kell who looks curious.  "He was a good friend."   ]

Watching as Lin speaks with, then eventually kills, his friend moves Ha'Kell. 

Walking beside Lin, gently speaking, "I am sorry for your loss.  Deeply."  Looking around again, "This is why we came, to stop the Vong."  Pausing to let Lin think, then finishing, "Maybe you can see we are all just people, whatever else you think."  

[...  The big, scary, gross room.]

"Holy Pearls of Ba'arual..."  Eyes wide and face showing disgust at the pit, slaves, and the entire room.  The stench is overpowering to his nose, not one bit of that stench is good or enjoyable.  The Vong must be stopped, killed, and altogether slain.

[ Waiting on more details for planning.  Some things Kells wants - destroy all vong, close the portal and kill the leader/brain, rescue as many as possible.  Of course he'll mention summoning.  He's been waiting to unleash this.  Whirlwind also since that worked very well.   Planning is still on Kell's mind, no rushing in here.  

Don't know if the brain is actually in this room.  Or the portal.  These are high priorities for Kell. ]

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