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   Arawn slid to halt when he realized that he had arrived too late to do anything for Lin's friend. Giving the captain a sympathetic look of compassion he checked on the woman before giving them both a quick blessing for a better afterlife.

   "I'm sorry for your loss," Arawn quietly said to Lin. "I truly am."

   After Lin indicated his awareness of the party's nature and the party prepared to push ahead Arawn moved close to Lin, speaking softly to the captain.

   "Then you should know more about what we face," he said. "And know that there are more than just human victims suffering here."
   As they moved ahead Arawn did his best to quickly pass on knowledge of what was known of the Vong, their history, culture, the origns of their war and the days of peace before their own world was invaded, and their plan, along with the knowledge that some of the Vong present, the Outcasts, were not all bad and were also victims of the war, sharing the tale of Rua with the man. His knew the man was angry but also on a mission. When he spoke he did so as tactfully as possible, not trying to disregard the man's feelings but trying to give both useful information and, hopefully, temper the man's actions when they met up with prisoners and slaves of the Vong.

   When the group arrived at the abattoir Arawn exhaled deeply and steeled himself.

   "Fremea, I don't know if you and Unali have something planned but if you're going to be doing any scouting I can grant you some cover if you like," he offered the deceptively deadly faerry.
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