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["The mists of time fade fast through the memories of one's past..."]

   As the words slipped from the man's mouth Arawn's thoughts were drawn back several months to the conversation he had with Kaylle.
Though some time had passed he seemed to recall the faerry mentioning an old story based out of Katai describing Vong-like creatures
and an odd misty mountain cave. At the moment he couldn't be sure if he was recalling the story correctly but did wonder if this was
the very location and if this cave might be found. 

["Sacrifice is a universal cause. Harmony is a privilege. Life ever lasting is a bonus. One must seek the wisdom of the great sphere.
 One must leave while others seek shelter.  To mark the point the protection of the heavens can only support."]

   Arawn pondered the man's words, the alfar sensing that the words held great meaning, and may not come from the human's mind but
from some other source entirely.
   As the man released his last breath Arawn said a quiet prayer, for both him, the other humans, and the Vong present in the room,
hoping that they would find peace and enlightenment on the other side. After gently laying the man's head on the ground Arawn rose
and headed toward the nearby Shapers, looking for any satchels that might contain the orange pills that could be used to save others
along with any other useful tools that might come in handy later. Taking what he could find he moved quickly after the others, though
not without a final glance to the room, wishing there was time to destroy the growths.

[Strie'bog glances at Arawn quietly and looks around.  His face is even more green and pale even for his half breed green coloring
 it's unnatural.  "That last bit of words?" He pauses and glances back at the body.  "The guy was dead."
Arawn stops and stares at the bard.  Strie'bog nods, "There was no pulse.  I'm confused how he could speak?"]

   "The Vong implants can do much to change a person. We had seen the fire-beetles kill and revive a man so it isn't surprising that
something similar could happen here," Arawn replied to the bard. "But I think it might not have been the man speaking, or at least
the information did not come from him, not directly at least. I wonder if the implants connected him to another source, perhaps a
brain or even the World-Brain we seek.
   Could it be speaking to us?," the druid mused. "Perhaps. But I think the human-side of him may have given us a glimpse into Vong
 as a parting gift.
   We know the Vong live for sacrifice but that harmony and eternal life are desirable to them gives some hope. And the great sphere
may be the World Brain but it could be something else entirely. But the latter part of the message may take some work to decipher
though I have an idea or two."
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