[pnpgm] Game Update #178 - File #1235 - The Abyss

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Fremea stares at Lin for a bit after he looks at her during is quick speech. Then she sheds her disguise, finally feeling free to use her natural state and hoping Lin learns that the Fea are not to be feared only to be cautious about.

She readies her bow, no spells yet, to server as her better weapon. She recognizes the rage inside Lin and knows he will most likely not care for a long time if this party were scary creatures or vile wizards; he will only care that the creatures that have harmed his friends and family are dead. Looking at Lin, "Though I was not tortured like this in my own slavery, I do understand their pain. Your people will be free of this menace today."

Fremea will check for how high the ceiling is in the new area and what might be up there. If it is dark enough, she will use it for her cover.
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