[pnpgm] Kiet's ropes

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Kiet is thrilled with the results of his spell use on this occasion.  He hopes to repeat it often.  The Vong aren't so tough when they are trussed like a roast, and are almost certainly as dead. 

While Kiet is retrieving his rope he glances up to Zhou and says "I will not go back to the High Elder and have to explain to him why you were killed." 

Afterwards, he goes over to Kell to check on him.  Oh, this arm wound looks as bad as any of the others.  He's lucky he's not nicknamed the One Armed Bandit.  "Z...can you heal him up anyway?  He needs to be able to fight."  Kiet looks at Kell and says, you distract them, and I'll rope them.  Together, we could take out quite a few."
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