[pnpgm] Game Update #174 - File #1213 - Combined attack

Murtha, Mark Mark.Murtha at dishnetwork.com
Fri Jul 1 21:46:53 CEST 2011

"*$#!@<=!$$!!" swears Kell as his arm is hit yet again.  Really! This is pissing him off to no end now.  That Vong must pay.  Dirty F)(*&^-Ba#$$%^!!

Fighting through the pain in his arm, Kell grabs his second spear, takes aim, and hurls it at the cursed Vong with all his might, hoping to impale the mother-$#@&! in the face with that throw.  [If there is no clear shot Kell won't do that.  Hitting friends is not a good idea.]  [Those dang caravaners and guards, corrupting such an innocent half-elf to use this language!]

[I figure that will take 2 phases.  More after depending.

Crap-ola.  There goes my much sought after anonimity. :) ]

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