[pnpgm] Game Update #152 - File #1056 - Skinny Dipping fun - But not for Kell. :(

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[Er, sorry, but I forgot to add this bit O info.  The Kiet/Kell conversation was a combined post between Dave and I.  He approved it, it wasn't me putting words in Kiet's mouth.   FYI]
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"Whilst having our gear could help, I vote we do without.  The ability to leave quickly may be more imporant than having some more gear."

Will who had been busy sketching the scenery, party members (he particularly enjoyed sketching Unali throwing some of her larger opponents) as well as the locations along the way when he overhears Kiet and Kell's conversation interjects;

"I'm not sure if the teleport is all that dangerous since we have been Kati we have seen Chion teleport out of the bar, those warning us against using magic teleport away in the ally and the supposed miscreants teliport out of the square to avoid there execution all with seemingly little response.  It may be that the Kati authorities don't respond any longer since when they show up those they are looking for are miles away.  It may also be that as others have suggested that the teleport being nearly instantaneous only show up as a blip and is though to locate.

We also need to give some thought to the idea of using a teleport for our exit.  I seem to recall that back at the fairgrounds that Chion had to leave one bounty hunter behind.  There are about 14 of us so unless we lose a few people between now and then Chion probably wont be able to take all of us with him.  I'm not sure how Arawans spells work but for myself I could only take about 10 people.  Then there is the question of mana use.  I don't have much in the way of great magics available but I do tend to run out of mana during combat.  I also only have one magic item but that one item would let me make about four major teleports otherwise I probably wont be taking anyone with me."

Will with a shrug turns to Chion and says "If the vote is to pick up the items and you need an extra pair of hands I'd be happy to go along for the ride"

Listening to Unali and Will, Ha'Kell is swayed.  He had an opinion, when doesn't he have an opinion, but it was open to change.  "Good points on Chion's teleports not attracting attention.  I suppose going to get our gear is fine.  I'll agree with any decision that's made."

"I can go also, if this is the decision.  Squirt will respond best to me.  I don't want him biting you.  Or you can put him to sleep."  Emotions pass on Kells face talking about Squirt some can tell.

"Is there someway we can find the military nearby?  Find them safely before we have a possible frontal assault on the Vong?    Maybe my new friend is there, or I can influence them to help us.  Then we can perform a proper scouting of Rising Mount, and form a proper plan of action.  Unali is so correct, we just  don't know what we're up against and we're rushing for the front door.  Whilst we can get lucky this way, I prefer a plan."

"We can decide on a regroup point before any major action.  Then Chion, Arawn, and Will can each take some people and animals with them to the point.  Or I can just ride my horse."

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