[pnpgm] Update #152 - Kiet and Kell have a conversation

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         [Augado 8th, 1634TH]
        [ Late in the afternoon, after leaving the farm]

Riding together for a bit, the two Elder Mages of the group are discussing the upcoming confrontation with the Vong.  Implications and ideas are bounced back and forth between them, sometimes in one language and sometimes in other languages.

Kiet, swaying stiffly in the saddle, remarks, "We should consider making sure that whoever teleports, has enough mana left to teleport us all out of there. The other thing to think of is to simply unleash our most powerful magics all at once.  That should set off every detector in the land!"

Kell gives an appreciative look, "Ha!  Very good point!  Finding and enlisting the military's help may be a good plan.  Better to do it not by a huge mana spike detectable all over the place.  Better to find them and ask them to help rather than try to talk them into helping after they detect us and send several dozen men to arrest us.  With luck, it may even be the officer Unali and I helped at the tavern on our way out of town."

Kiet's mount jumps a bit as a small snake slithers in front of it, making the acrobat hang on for dear life.  His skills prevent him from falling easily, although getting his horse calmed takes nearly a minute.  Swatting his horse's neck, the acrobat swears at it.  "By Odin's Jewel!  Filthy beast!"  Kell hides his amused smile behind a hand and doesn't say anything after the horse is calm again, looking rather pointedly at the sky and making some off-hand comment on the weather.

Kiet continues, "Maybe we can send them some message that there ar demons in the hills, and the proof is the massive magic use?"

"Oh very nice. Tricky.  I like it!" The half-elf declares.  Thinking of all the ways the military can be alerted and hopefully enlisted to attack the Vong.  "Now to figure out how to make it work."

Changing the subject slightly Kiet says, "I don't want anyone to get our stuff.  The teleport is too dangerous, the idea is to fight without them.  The High Elder was very clear on this over and over."

Patting his horse's neck the halfbreed responds, "I think I agree with you.  The teleport is too dangerous just to get some gear.  There are so many options here."  Heaving a big sigh that slumps his shoulders for a moment, "I'd like our better gear, but we've come this far.  Will that make a real difference?  I don't know.  I don't think so.  Better to save our all for whatever is at the Rising Mount.  With any available help for us."

At this the two stare off into the direction of the Mount, thinking again on what might be there.  Could it be another deserted fairground?  A complex of buildings?  Perhaps a tunnel leading to some underground base?  A well hidden fortress?  Maybe a non-descript run-down looking farm?  Or a mountain top castle?  The party is so blind going into this confrontation.  Would two hundred mercenary lancers be good, or better to have a hundred swordsmen and a hundred bowmen?

"What about that gateway?  The one we learned about from the High Elder?  Can we close that if we can't stop the World Brain?" asks the half-elf of his friend.

"I dunno... doors can be opened and closed.  I just hope there is a lock!" finishes Kiet.

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