[pnpgm] Game Update #152 - File #1056 - Skinny Dipping fun - But not for Kell. :(

Murtha, Mark Mark.Murtha at dishnetwork.com
Thu Feb 24 22:05:49 CET 2011

           "It does concern me though.  If the military are out here.
         If they are looking for us or other heretics after the attack
         at Pamau we could be at risk.  If Chion does his jump and
         these patrols have detectors they could track us down much
         faster than if they were at their forts.  It makes the
         teleport a bigger risk now."  Farseeker sighs but then
         adds. "Of course it also helps us.  If the Vong are too
         much we can attract the military if there is an army out here
         to help deal with things?"

Ha'Kell ponders this for a moment.  "If the military is in the area, we should find them before they have a reason to find us.  I want them on our side, or at least neutral.  We can't run from the military and stop the Vong at the same time.  Well, probably we can't, I've seen the fireballs of certain staff-wielding men..."  Grinning at Caladan.

"Whilst having our gear could help, I vote we do without.  The ability to leave quickly may be more imporant than having some more gear."

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