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  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  R1.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar, 

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        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          <Raban should still be working on his riding skill, cant think of
          much else that fits> <I will be gone again mon-wed unless the
          weather shifts it, sorry for the trouble>

          Raban thinks for a while, "Those fliers are very tough, one...

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          have lots of email yet to process>
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     [New Stuff]

         [Augado 7th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai Plains] 
         [          Mountains west of Pamau]

         [Time: 7:18pm]

           Discussion returns a day later to the methods to take down the
         Vong and their tech including their mighty flyers.

           Raban thinks for a while, "Those fliers are very tough, one ran
         into me and was not hurt much by it. I think their weapons would
         smash easier, maybe if I could grab onto one I could bust it.
         Otherwise with a lot of luck I could get inside one and make it
         crash, but it was a bit cramped so I would not fight the beast. I
         think I would just need to smash the weird hat and it would not
         operate? Then maybe it would he best to escape it and let everyone
         else on it crash."

           Caladan nods in agreement, "I agree.  If you take out the pilot
         and that control helmet they seem to wear it might be too blind
         and stupid to fly on its own.  But that's only a theory."

           "The tough thing will be their Crab Armor.  It seems to be
         quite thick and as strong as our plate in some cases.  But we
         know the Shamed Ones and Shapers do not wear them so only the
         Warrior caste seem to be a factor there.  But if one can snip
         off their crab "heads" the top center chest where the eye
         stalks are then maybe that affects them.  We've not had enough
         experience to test that out.  It is also hidden well by their
         thick leather clothing.  So it makes it hard to pinpoint their
         location on their chest."  Farseeker paces a few feet back
         and forth close to the campfire.

           Farseeker then adds, "their bugs are a wild card.  We know
         some explode causing fire type damage.  Some bore into the
         body which can be devastating.  The fire bugs might be easy
         to deflect with armor but those bore ones will be tough to defend
         against.  Then those bugs that sense magic as well as those
         12 or how many legs those dog like beasts had.  The Vong aren't
         stupid and they will have their base surrounded by their beasts
         and a flyer on patrol.  Of course they may have to be well
         hidden if they aren't ready to launch their true invasion."

           Caladan grips his staff and examines it, "their staff weapons
         can be difficult to grab.  If they change into snake form then
         its like holding a rope in the wind.  We know they can piece,
         stab, bite and spit acid of some sort.  The poison or acid seems
         to be less frequent though so that is a good thing for us."

           Zhou sighs, "the true problem is what we've not seen.  Since
         their last invasion centuries ago their new toys might be
         quite difficult if we don't know how to handle it."


         [Augado 6th - 10th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai Plains] 
         [          Mountains west of Pamau]

           Since leaving Pamau the party has spent the last five days
         in tense and nervous moments of down time.  The party knows
         they have a major challenge ahead.  But the party decides to
         use this time wisely.

           Ben'dar spends time reading and preparing his weapons.  He
         continues to remain quite during the trip like he has for
         the last few weeks.  Farseeker tries to tease him about missing
         Pasha and worrying about the ranch but Ben'dar continues to
         remain quite as if he knows his destiny is coming to an end.

           Chion does little during these few days as well other than
         practicing using his Sai weapons.  He spars with his own shadow
         to hone in on Vong attacking techniques.

           Strie'bog ever since leaving Pamau has been quiet.  Not so much
         as Ben'dar but it becomes close that his fate in this group is
         more than just a new ally.  It becomes clear from talking to
         him and hearing stories of his people that he is here not just
         for the middle world but for his people.  After all Lake Oca
         was one of the first places the Vong were encountered by the
         party as a whole.  He saw and with help dealt with that first
         wave of attack by the Vong.  Strie'bog becomes a bit closer to
         Will as both go over use of the axe and bow.  It seems both
         know a few tricks the other doesn't.

           Arawn does his normal quiet down time away from the party,
         either praying or worrying about things.  After that first night
         a gleam is seen on his face.  Some wonder if his prayers might
         have even been replied to but none ask.  Some of the warriors
         quietly worry about the Druid in hopes he doesn't try to broach
         a peace with the Vong.  It would be dangerous to do so as well
         as distracting and risky to the group as a whole.  But to Arawn
         he knows peace might work as not all Vong are as bad as they
         are said to described. 

           Arawn spends the five days practicing with his light sword.
         It is clear his skill improves just a bit.  He spars with
         Z'leyra and Chion who help to train him in some new methods of
         sword fighting.

           Caladan sticks with Farseeker on patrol to learn some mountain
         survival tips.  While both men are used to Marentian mountains here
         they tend to be much higher.  While the group hasn't seen the
         highest range Katai can offer, Farseeker gives tips on how to
         survive the high attitude.  Caladan also learns how best to
         track down mountain slopes with only the eyes to find the best
         trees and areas for foraging.  Soon Caladan learns a a bit more
         than he started and gets good experience from it.

           Farseeker spends time with Unali learning the final aspects
         of the Katai language.  He soon becomes fluent and appears to
         learn enough and can't learn much more.  He is happy to finally
         get some of the best slur and cuss words down pat.  He should
         be able to have some fun in a Katai bar fight.  Of course he
         is sad now that the party will leave Katai soon and that chance
         will decrease.  But the last aspects of the language training
         also includes some of the lower dialects that separate Upper,
         Middle and Lower Katai.  Unali explains the most difficult
         dialects come from Lower Katai due to the multiple nations that
         border the area.

           Farseeker then asks Fremea to teach him a bit more Donaran
         reading and writing.  Years ago while in Donara he learns
         some of it then but it never hurts to learn more.  To those
         around him it seems the tough warrior is a bit nervous learning
         from this female Faerry but soon becomes relaxed.  Caladan even
         comments on this to Unali knowing that the warrior can't be all
         that unusual to work with Faerry people before.  After all the
         military man worked with Thig closely.  Caladan wonders if the
         strong handsome guy is just nervous being around a female one?

           Kiet finds the five days a bit more frustrating.  It becomes
         clear he misses the wagon.  It was so much easier to sit
         and ride.  Now he has to work on it and concentrate.  It
         is clear like Raban he is learning to ride a horse.  He is
         taught by most of the party on how best to ride.  But it soon
         seems clear he is even a bit less skilled than Raban is on
         riding the horse.  As others help him along they ensure with
         help from Arawn and Z'leyra the horse will not harm him but
         the acrobat can't help but grumble.  For the first couple days
         he complains about sores in certain lower regions.  Z'leyra offers
         to help treat them but the acrobat declines.  By the third day
         though he isn't walking so bow legged anymore.

           The first day in the plains, Farseeker gives Unali some tips
         on hand to hand.  But it is funny to watch as it is not clear
         who is teaching other.  Both are clearly well skilled in the
         unarmed combat area.  Unali knows the warrior is afraid to fight
         females as most men are.  But Unali shows him that she can do
         just about anything guys can when she flips the heavy warrior
         over her back with a quick and sudden hip toss.

           For the next few days Unali spends time learning with Caladan
         mountain survival from others.  Her area of interest mainly
         is in the areas of food and animals that might attack humans.
         While her experience was limited during the few days she
         learns the skill from scratch and has enough knowledge now to
         survive in a desperate situation. 

           Will uses the days to learn the Tulwar skill with some help
         from Arawn.  The woodsman clearly shows he isn't quite skilled
         and looks to be learning still the blade.  But he appreciates
         the few days of experience.

           Zhou also spends the time learning with Arawn how best to
         use the sword skill.  Arawn soon finds that he is quite good
         but no expert in it.  Arawn notices the man still uses his
         cape to parry blows to his advantage. As others watch they
         soon become more evident that he might be able to handle himself
         in a fight if not up against tough or multiple foes.

           Fremea spends the days exploring the wilderness.  Being a scout
         and alone she can easily use the time to explore the plants and
         trees of the area.  She improves her herbalism skill slightly
         during this time.  Finding interesting plants, though common,
         she asks the native Unali and Chion to explain what they are.
         She also leans on Z'leyra to answer some herbalism questions she
         might still have about the area.

           Raban unlike Kiet has been trying to ride his horse for some
         time.  From conversations with Arawn and Z'leyra the horse does
         get tired from the giant's weight.  Raban uses a lot of time to
         walk and allow the horse to rest.  But Raban knows he has to
         also get the experience.  He spends the five days riding the
         horse in the tiny saddle.  He vows to get a specially made
         saddle when he gets home.  Maybe Ben'dar can finally find that
         large horse for him as well.  Raban wobbles back and forth
         the saddle like a baby learning to walk.  Once the plains
         and hills are left behind the terrain becomes random and awkward
         causing Raban to grip the reigns tighter.  No one dares laugh
         at the giant for fear they find their face caved in.  But some
         do give pointers and suggestions on how to ride.

           By the end of the 4th day though a sudden shift is seen.  It
         is as if the Raban grasps the concept of music notes for the
         first time.  Instead of playing random chords on the mandolin
         he plays beautiful music.  But in this case it is the saddle he
         rides well.  The sight gets the attention of the skilled riders
         who grin in excitement.  It becomes clear the giant bard has
         learned finally how to ride his horse.  With the basic skill
         and nervous tension gone Raban sits up in the saddle with a
         strong back and new confidence.  The horse even comments on the
         change in weight distribution as his spine isn't pinned down
         as much as it was when he shifted his body back and forth.

           Farseeker comments that the giant can now fight on a mule,
         donkey and maybe a cheap riding horse in combat and likely
         not fall off.

           The Half-Elf sluffs off his spears and decided to spend his
         down time learning with Farseeker hand to hand fighting along
         with Unali.  Unalike Unali though Kell can't do any fancy
         hip tosses of the large man yet.  But by the end of the five
         days he soon becomes very skilled in the unarmed arts.  It is
         as if he suddenly learns half of what is possible. to learn.

             Z'leyra   -  [Woodcarving - Full days]


         [Augado 8th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai Plains] 
         [          Mountains west of Pamau]

           As the others talk in the farm house with the nervous family
         the other group members ride toward the thicket of trees and
         the stream.  After some time the group can hear the stream
         and approach it.  

           As the group dismount to move through the now thicker bushes
         and growth, the first to break the bushes is Z'leyra.  She
         notices a winding stream a dozen or so feet wide winding through
         the light forest from east to west.  To the right and about 50
         feet away she hears voices.  She raises a hand to stop others
         but most have broken through the bushes as well.  When
         the attention is put to the voices the group notices a group
         of boys all swimming, playing and jumping.

           Fremea blushes slightly when she notices the boys are all
         skinny dipping.  There are three boys in the water each are
         well fit and healthy looking.  They range from age about 9,
         13 and what might be 18 or 19.  The middle teenager is standing
         on the shore berating another boy.  This other boy is dressed
         in underwear but looking down.  The teenager points a finger
         at the boy and shoves him a bit.

           As the group approaches slowly they can hear the voices
         more clearly.  The middle teenager seems to be yelling at the
         boy in underwear about getting his clothing wet.  The way
         he is treated it soon becomes clear the boy must either be
         a friend or a slave rather than a brother like the other two
         nude boys are.

           Suddenly the boys notice the group and all exit the water
         to scamper to bushes.  The boy in underwear tosses clothing
         to the boys and tries desperately to put his own pants on.

           Soon the older teenager yells out, "who are you?"

           Fremea now in her dress form to hide her wings stands near
         Caladan who explains.  "Friends.  We are here only to water
         the horses.  We did not mean to interfere."

           The older teen turns to the others and waves a hand. "We
         must return to the farm.  We have chores. "  Turning quickly
         he orders the others to move and shoves the smaller boy who
         has to be a slave.

           Fremea flexes her hand in disgust she knows slaves are common
         in the empire.  But she was hoping to see such treatment
         by children to another child.  Before she can react, Caladan
         calls out.

           "We saw the farm.  Our patron is there now.  Can we ask a
         few questions?" Caladan asks with pleading eyes.

           The older boy turns and stops but orders the others to
         move on which soon disappear in the thick bushes. "What
         do you want mister? We don't get strangers here too often."

           "Have you seen anything strange like animals or things
         recently in the area?" Caladan asks.

           "Strange? I did see riders up the slope there a few days ago.
         They had big horses.  Probably hunters but was too far to
         see clearly.  But we do get some hunters every so often.  Pa
         has to run them off if not friendly.  But that's it.  Now
         I must go we have plowing to do."

           Before Caladan can protest the older boy rushes into the bushes
         and is out of sight heading back to the farm it seems.

         [Time:  1:12pm]

           Finally with lunch finished, the farmer offers Zhou a small
         rabbit and raccoon they have for meat.  Zhou refuses to take
         the food if it drains them but he knows it will be rude to
         refuse as well.  In exchange, Zhou offers coins but the farmer
         refuses since coins mean little to them.  Instead, Zhou leaves
         a small necklace.  Unali and the other two wonder how he got
         it or where he stored it.  But the farmer takes it and plans
         to give it to his wife as a present.  Grateful the farmer
         sees the group to their horses.

           Mounting up it soon becomes clear the intelligence gathering
         didn't pan out much.  As the group rides along the semi plowed
         field the girl seen inside suddenly exits a few bushes nearby.
         She looks to the farmhouse to see if being watched.  Relived
         she looks up at Unali.  "I really like your dress.  It is
         pretty.  I wish I could go with you guys."

           Zhou looks down and gives his best stern look but it seems
         more like he is having a bad gas situation.  "You know you
         can't.  Now run along."

           Unali dismounts and realizes the girl wants to say more.  She
         knows how girls act.  She thanks the girl for her comment and
         asks her if she had something else to say.  The girl just shifts
         her feet back and forth and looks to the house.  Unali decides
         that a girl like her might do better with a gift.  Realizing
         this she pulls out her fur hat from one of her bags and gives it
         to the girl.  She knows the winter is gone and she can buy
         hundreds of such things.  It isn't anything special.  The girl
         beams at the present and finely made hat.  She dons it even in
         this heat.

           "Thank you!  It is so nice."  The girl says and hugs the
         hardened dagger maiden.  Unali softens a bit and realizes
         that she is doing this mission for these people not just her
         adult friends.  Unali asks again about anything she might
         have to add.

           "Well....one day I was playing...with the dog..I saw these
         three rock things flying in the sky.  They were funny looking.
         I told pa but he just whipped me for making up stories.  The
         boys teased me about it.  This was a week or so ago.  The
         other day I saw this creature thing flying on something.
         He was as if standing on a piece of wood or leather.  He
         landed in the forest while me and Ma were cleaning clothes
         in the stream.  I followed him for some time and he just
         sorta walked around looking.  He had this funny gray head
         and looked silly.  He saw the farm.  He saw Pa and my brothers
         and looked like he was going to do something but then decided
         not to or something.  He suddenly turned and ran back into
         the woods."  The girl explains.

           "Did something scare it?" Farseeker asks.

           "I dunno.  The dog started to bark and kind of ran to the
         woods but stopped then I saw it run away." The girl shrugs
         in confusion.  "Can..I keep..this?" She taps her fur hat
         looking at Unali. 

           Suddenly a group of boys emerge from some woods to the west
         and run toward the farm.  Zhou figures this might be the best
         time to leave.  Clearly the boys are excited and seem to be
         talking about strangers.  Zhou decides it isn't time to answer
         odd questions by the farmers.

           Twenty minutes later the group all back together heads to
         the other side of the valley.  So the Vong were here or at least
         doing recon.  The Flyers if they were Flyers were going east
         and was about the time the small town to the east was burnt down.
         So maybe the Vong know of this place but see it as no threat
         or see it as a future place to attack?  Zhou knows that one
         could stay to keep the group safe but in that time the Vong
         could get their invasion force moving.  Sometimes the need
         of the many outweighs the need of the one or in this case this
         one family.  He hoeps they will be safe and maybe as long as the
         Vong are distracted by the party they will be safe?


         [Augado 9th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai Plains] 
         [          Mountains west of Pamau]

           Another day begins as the group breaks camp again.  By now
         two sentries are posted nightly for security.  Campfire and
         other lights are kept as hidden as possible.  The day turns
         out to e mostly partly cloudy all day.  But the temperatures
         decrease a bit ranging from 63-82 so it isn't too hot. Mid
         morning a small hail storm and light rain soaks the party.
         The hail stones clearly from low mountain clouds are the size
         of small marbles.  Some minor bruises come about as the stones
         hit some of the party members but no serious injury is done.


           As the group travels between two tall mountains the forest
         hides them from even Fremea's flying.  The first to break
         through to a clearing is Ben'dar who suddenly yells to the
         others.  Moving forward, Fremea spots it from the air finally.

           The group comes upon a group of four human adult males. They
         are all dead.  Flies and signs of animal abuse is clear.  Some
         have been even eaten slightly in various places by smaller
         prey animals.  So far the large animals like wolf and bear have
         yet to find the bodies.  Z'leyra determines the bodies must have
         been killed 2-3 days ago.

           There is sign of horse tracks and footprints all over the
         place.  But the animal tracks obscure them as they enter into
         the deep woods.  If the men had horses they are long gone by
         now.  The men are all dressed in familiar gray clothing which
         are uniforms. It soon becomes clear these four were not hunters
         but the military itself.  The party scans the area looking for
         others in case it is a trap but none are found from the quick

           Rolling over the bodies it becomes clear they were killed by
         piercing weapons.  The wounds have been seen before that of
         Amphistaves.  The Vong must've killed these men who had to be
         on some hunt or patrol.  There are swords and daggers lying
         about the humans had to have used.  Some dry black blood is
         seen so the humans must've got in their own licks before they
         were slaughtered.  Inspecting the bodies there are no papers
         but some have a few copper coins.  But somehow it feels just
         wrong to take the coins.

           There is no sign of magic on them so the men must've not
         been carrying magic detectors but why they are here is
         not clear.  Quickly some arguments are made to leave the
         bodies or bury them.  In the end Strie'bog and Arawn use
         their shovels to bury the bodies with help.  Their family
         may never know of their death but at least they will be able
         to rest before their corpses are shredded by animals.

           Moving quickly away the party moves out of the area.

           Zhou asks Unali where the nearest fortress or outpost might
         be.  She isn't sure but there is one on the edge of the north
         mountains near the Shantou-to-Pamau highway.  But that must
         be a few hundred miles away.  Chion mentions the patrol might
         be in the area to help the mines to protect against bandits and
         such.  It could just have been as simple as that.  But Zhou
         doubts that knowing the luck of the party.

           "It does concern me though.  If the military are out here.
         If they are looking for us or other heretics after the attack
         at Pamau we could be at risk.  If Chion does his jump and
         these patrols have detectors they could track us down much
         faster than if they were at their forts.  It makes the
         teleport a bigger risk now."  Farseeker sighs but then
         adds. "Of course it also helps us.  If the Vong are too
         much we can attract the military if there is an army out here
         to help deal with things?"

         [Time: 7:40pm]

           Chion gets up and decides it might be best to do the
         teleport back to the dark lands.   Camp has just been set
         up even though it is still a bit light out.  He looks to the
         others to see who might wish to join him and if any info should
         be returned to the people there.  Of course he looks to Unali and
         Zhou to see if he should even do the teleport after the sight
         of the dead military hours earlier.  

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update...Friday...

         GM: Mana reference goes back to Aug 5.  This is just a note
             for me in case I have to backtrack with some sudden use
             of magic.

         GM: Kell - +2 EL in Unarmed combat.

         GM: I rolled a Int check on the fur hat.  Could've waited and
             asked but I figure it is something you might do.  Heck
             if you want to give her a dress it would be good in
             place of the fur hat.  I just saw the hat on the sheet
             and decided it might jut work? Let me know if need to change.

         GM: Magic/Energy/Health Status - By Aug 10th unless magic used

                             Energy       Mana     Health
             Arawn     -      100%        100%     100%
             Ben'dar   -      100%         --      100%
             Caladan   -      100%        100%     100%
             Chion     -      100%        100%     100%
             Farseeker -      100%         --      100%
             Kell      -      100%        100%     100%
             Kiet      -      100%        100%     100%
             Strie'bog -      100%        100%     100%
             Unali     -      100%         --      100%
             Will      -      100%        100%     100%
             Zhou      -      100%         --      100%
             Fremea    -      100%        100%     100%
             Z'leyra   -      100%        100%     100%
             Raban     -      100%        100%     100%

         GM: Everyone is at full strength by end of the trip.  This
             is a big update to finish for now.  I was going to do
             the next event but wanted to go ahead and wait for now.
             There is one more thing before the trip begins.  So here
             is the agenda.  Friday's update will have the next
             event with time to respond to that event over the weekend.
             Then next week likely Monday's the destination to the
             suspected base will likely end.  Then the final stuff
             can begin.  At that point the updates might be smaller and
             slower as folks plan and organize.

         GM: Last chance for the teleport.  It will be done unless
             enough protest or leader Unali denies it.  Of course
             that could affect others who have things in the Dark
             Lands.  But now with the prospect of military in the
             immediate area the decision is more at risk.  If none
             protest greatly then for the next update the teleport
             will be done if I have time if not then the next one
             after it.  Either way it won't affect the next event.
             So going and coming back can be done in Friday or Monday's
             update.  I may wait till Monday for the teleport to give
             more discussion/argument time if needed.  But I can extend
             it further if the debate is heavy.

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