[pnpgm] Game Update #150 - File #1050 - Farm ho!

John Hooten jhooten at windstream.net
Fri Feb 18 06:40:25 CET 2011

<Raban should still be working on his riding skill, cant think of much 
else that fits>
<I will be gone again mon-wed unless the weather shifts it, sorry for 
the trouble>

   Raban thinks for a while, "Those fliers are very tough, one ran into 
me and was not hurt much by it. I think their weapons would smash 
easier, maybe if I could grab onto one I could bust it. Otherwise with a 
lot of luck I could get inside one and make it crash, but it was a bit 
cramped so I would not fight the best. I think I would just need to 
smash the weird hat and it would not operate? Then maybe it would be 
best to escape it and let everyone else on it crash."

<Sorry, needs a lot more post yet but I am very tired and still have 
lots of email yet to process>
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