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   "Likely he believes it will not be as easy as that. Only a fraction of the Vong's technology and other surprises have surfaced so far. I would imagine the High Elder has survived as long as he has through caution and would not wish to risk his being personally testing the limits of the Vongs ability to sense and deal with magicians and their powers. 
   And even magics as powerful as those that call on the Astral Fire is not fraught with peril. We really do not know if they have defenses against it but we do know that their ability to resist magic is very strong and there has been more than one tale told of magicians losing control of the Astral Fire. It is one of those spells that when it fails, it fails spectacularly and with dire results.
   But to add another idea to the mix, perhaps the High Elder sends us out to test us, as some have speculated. If so, then I think it quite likely that he is watching and possibly trying to prepare some here for another, deadlier mission some time in the future," Arawn replied.

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Kiet is pretty quiet as the group heads out, and even before.  He's been wondering how to contribute to this undertaking, without ending up in the care of the undertaker...bad pun, but that's where Kiet's mind is now.
"I am contemplating a Sky Knowledge spell.  Not for locating the Vong, which we seem to have already done, but to ask for help in determining how to take the power of flight from these Vong.  What say you?  I ask because the spell is powerful and likely to attract attention."
"Also, I don't suppose any of you are well skilled in the Astral Flames spell?"
Kiet mulls over other concepts in his mind.  He scowls as he thinks, but continues to be in obviously deep thought.  He obviously does not like the implications of this, but sees no other way around this.
"I am puzzled, and more than a little annoyed over this.  But I have to ask you to consider this...Ki'ama has the power himself to simply walk into the presence of the Vong and destroy them with such a spell as Astral Fire...and they would have no defense against it!  Kiet pauses dramatically at this...then says "So why send us?  We seem to have every difficulty with this enemy, but it need not be the case.  Why, then, are we here?  Why does the Master of the Dark Lands send us when he knows we will have trouble, but he could deal with them with impunity.  I like not the implication here."
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