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When Kiet returns Zhou is speaking to others.  Strie'bog 
         leans over to Kiet and looks him in the face.  The Vassa 
         Bard already has a green complexion like he is constantly 
         sick or pale but now he makes comment on Kiet. "Gas? Those beans 
         last night didn't help me much either."  The bard grins and 
         pats his stomach.  At that Kiet does give off a slight burst 
         of laughter but stifles it quickly.  Kiet realizes the bard 
         thought he left for that reason rather than just getting enough 
         of Zhou. 

Kiet smiles his little bright smile at Strie'bog and says quietly 'No, not gas....just hot air..." 

Kiet will work on horsemanship as much as frickin' possible.  He dooesn't think he will ever actually  like them, but he does think he can learn to tolerate them. 

no magic use until V-day...and still wishing we had about 200 well-armed lancer mercs accompanying us...
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