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   As Raban eyed himself Arawn replied jovially,   “Don’t worry. I would’ve grown you a new one if it had fallen off.”
He closed his eyes and shook his head, finding it funny though not surprising that that would be the first thing the giant would concern himself with…. 
   - [Raban bows, "Arawn, thank you for your miraculous healing, without 
it I would have had a hard time on this mission. But I put everyone at 
risk by failing to escape without using magic, and for that I am sorry. 
Healing me may have increased that risk"
"Whatever that foul beast was, we must be alert for more of them. I 
do not think anyone else would have survived such an attack and even 
losses of horses could cause us serious problems."]
   “You’re welcome and it was gladly done,” he replied graciously. “But do not apologize for a situation that you had little control over. I believe we’re all just glad that you are safe. There will be many risks on this mission and this is likely to not be the last.
   As for the worm, I should have recognized it sooner,” he replied, looking to the pale, spongy tube. “The disturbing spawn of Laboth, Lord of Worms, one of the Dark One’s servants. They are Earth Eaters, when translated into the human tongue. Endlessly hungry and devastating predators. That we managed to slay this one is a boon to the people in the area."


   As Raban gathered something to wear Arawn offered him some of his own fine clothing.


   "It will not fit you but perhaps you can use the material to craft something wearable for our entrance into Shantou city"



   After the farmers point out the stream Arawn will take the time to add some fish to the parties food supplies.



   As Caladan, Zhou and Ha'Kell finish speaking on the topic of honor and morality Arawn added,


   "Let us hope to keep on a noble and honorable path. We fight to save a world from evil and destruction and we must be careful not to fall into their net. We must all face tribulations and evil in our lives, it is only in how we handle those situations that we determine who we are as individuals and whether we take away from or add to the darkness of this world.

   Even if honor seems a greater truth to some than good or evil we should strive to maintain the ideals of noble honor. Honesty, courage to do what is right, compassion and trust. As I said before we each have two wolves inside of us, one evil and full of fear, hate, jealousy, rage, sorrow, doubt among other things, and one good and full of joy, love, forgiveness, peace of mind and all other good things. They fight within us and the one that wins is the one that we feed. We must each decide, do we live with the wolf that is our friend or the rogue that would kill us in our sleep? For our sake, I hope we all choose the friendly wolf so that we can learn to rely upon and trust each other in the days and nights to come."
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