[pnpgm] Gam e Update #61 - File #535 - Raban is treated

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Sun Jan 3 23:04:36 CET 2010

Mark wrote:
>    Raban bows, "Arawn, thank you for your miraculous healing, without 
> it I would have had a hard time on this mission. But I put everyone at 
> risk by failing to escape without using magic, and for that I am 
> sorry. Healing me may have increased that risk"
>    "Whatever that foul beast was, we must be alert for more of them. I 
> do not think anyone else would have survived such an attack and even 
> losses of horses could cause us serious problems."
> "Yes it would.  But not as great a loss as losing you," replies Kell, 
> happy to see the bard alive and fully healed.
    Raban grins, "Thanks, Kell, I too would prefer not to die. But I did 
put others at risk and I would rather die than cause others to do so due 
to my stupidity. I failed to escape when it should have been possible, 
bad luck prevented it and forced me to use magic. I will try to make 
sure it does not happen again. My Goddess is surely testing me on this 
mission by forcing me to avoid using the gifts she gave me. Katai's 
purge of magic is unnatural and doomed to fail for magic is in every 
living thing and likely most everything else too."

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