[pnpgm] update?

Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Fri Feb 26 06:32:12 CET 2010

	Get off today 2.5 hours early from work.  Figure go home.  Work on update early maybe.  By then I only had 3 posts from Monday-Wed.  So should be quick update.  Get home.  Check again email at 6pm.  0 Game posts.  Go eat and do some chores.  Check email at 8pm.  12 posts.  By end of night 18 posts in total come in at the 13th hour.  :<

It took me alone 80 min just to get 14 of those posts from email to file to website to my personal direcotires and to update file itself.  While it takes you guys 5 min to read the slew of posts it takes a bit of time.  So 80 min later I get the files organized and haven't read any yet.  I start work and bam 4 more come in. :<

Oh well.  Just ran out of time.  Due to the last minute posts.  But good amount! :)

Just usually can't handle that amount in the last few hours.  Since I lose 2 hours of ork tiem due to bed early its less time on Thursday night to work on updates.

So means a big update likely Monday.

Let's not forget the end topic needed.  What action to be taken t the crnival grounds.  A plan or setup. :)

If no plan is formed will just ride down the road and ad lib it.

Enjoy the weekend. 

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