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   As the group stood looking out towards the carnival grounds Arawn noticed Ben'dar becoming aware of the alfar's scrutiny. Walking toward the barbarian he quietly asked,


   "Ben'dar, by any chance did you have any magics cast upon you today? If not, do you recall being touched in any way here," he said, pointing to a spot on the warrior's upper arm and shoulder.



   As talk diverts towards the area of Shadow magic Arawn comments, replying to Raban's question first.


   "Under normal circumstances regular attacks are all that is needed to put down a Shadow Warrior. Their strength lies in their stealth but they are capable warriors, if not as powerful as some here. However this is not always the case as some can prove tougher than the giants themselves without any change in appearance so it would be wise to treat them with caution. And if they should happen to surprise you they become all more deadly.

   Luckily they cannot cross barriers of solid light, only being able to move through the shadows."


   Waiting a bit for the others to continue discussing the topic he speaks up during a lull in the conversation.


   "Though it is too early to know just how strong a connection there is between the Vong and the realm of Shadow it is a possibility that is truly disturbing. If the gods do not wish to even acknowledge the Vong then I wonder if the Lord of Shadows is aware of the connection and, if so, why he is backing them?

   It also makes me wonder, if the Vong are willing to deal with shadow magics then perhaps the substance of such magics works differently from traditional forms. Perhaps enough so to make the Vong susceptible. It isn't something i've considered in depth before but is worth studying now."


   Shaking his slightly he breathed in deeply. When Z'leyra began asking around in regards to any that might practice shadow magics Arawn waited, wondering if any practioners would prove to be among the party. When it seemed that such was not the case he spoke up.


   "I have knowledge of such spells. I have used them in the past though it has been a while since any here have seen me practice them so I can understand why it has been forgotten.

   Z'leyra, if you wish Shadow Crafted items I can do so. Let me know what you wish and have planned. Beyond that I can teach a few spells though it should be known that such magics are powered, at least partially, by ones life force so is more draining than traditional magics. I would suggest learning how to restore ones life energy first, though I do not think it would be the first choice of many here."



   At some point during the journey Arawn brings up the topic of the Battle Mind spell.


   "It's been a while since the issue of the Battle Mind was brought up. Last time we had touched upon some key phrase to alert others to my use of the spell. Unless others have a different suggestion I am thinking a simple call of 'Mother's Blessing' would work as an alert.

   As to who to cast it on, right now I can affect two others besides myself. I am thinking that when cast I would target those closest to me unless any have another suggestion. Also, if any wish to be left out of such magics under most circumstances please let me know."



   Not sure how we will enter the carnival grounds but when we do so Arawn would like to use his Tracking skill to look for recent signs of activity and where it leads.
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