[pnpgm] Game Update #74b - File #612 - Party travels to Unmana area

John Hooten jhooten at windstream.net
Wed Feb 24 22:54:41 CET 2010

Raban speaks softly, "Foretelling anything accurately is quite difficult 
as the Gods are often involved on both sides of things. Nothing is ever 
truly fixed as it is the actions of the people involved that decide 
everything in the end. Shu's fate did not have to be what she chose, 
even an other's death in her place was not a sure thing. But the risks 
were there and strongly for such a prediction to be made. If she had 
told us, we could have prevented it though it would have been difficult 
with the assassins they used. I could have been there and the assassin 
could have chosen me as the victim, but I am much more unlikely to die 
from such an attack than Shu was. Maybe I could have killed the Assassin 
instead or driven it off. Shu decided for all of us and it was quite 
brave of her to do so, she could even have been right in her choice. She 
chose thinking her job was nearly done and we can finish without her 
making her loss less important. She died not knowing how important she 
was, how special, how noble. I can but hope her gods show her how 
important her actions were to this world. I may disagree with her choice 
but I will honor it and her with it. We will complete this mission no 
matter what is thrown against us, and then we should hunt down whomever 
sent the assassin, as they chose to be enemies to everyone on the world."
[still reads poorly, but it will do]

It takes Raban a while but he eventually follows what has been said. "So 
the assassin was not some demon or beast but a person under a spell? 
Then what is the counter for that magic, how do you kill them! If they 
become solid enough to strike then they should be solid enough to grab 
or hit. If grabbed can they get away using that magic?"

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