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  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  Do.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  R1 NPC...................Shu.Yeoh..........Wizard..Normal/Human..Fe
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar, 

  Cover Story Info: [HD- House member, F-Foreigner, N-native non house]
     Arawn      aka Arawn         as Teacher to daughter [F]
     Ben'dar    aka Bu Da         as Horse expert        [F]
     Caladan    aka Ca Lu         as Guard/Archer        [N]
     Chion      aka Capt. Chu Mai as Sailor Trustee      [HD]
     Farseeker  aka Fu Sa         as Guard               [F]
     Fremea     aka Lin Mong      as Noble child         [HD] [Disguised]
     Kell       aka Swan          as Trader              [F]
     Kiet       aka Kiet Sunan    as Zhou's servant      [F]
     Raban      aka Toban Nu      as Entertainer/Guard   [F] 
     Strie'bog  aka Sun Zhu       as Entertainer         [N]
     Shu        aka Shu           as Niece               [HD]
     Unali      aka Tun Au        as Zhou's wife         [HD]
     Whitney    aka Whitney       as Herbalist/Tailor    [F]
     Will       aka Sun Tzu       as hunt master         [F]
     Z'leyra    aka Kakita Junami as Healer              [F]
     Zhou       aka Zhou Wa       as Baron Noble         [HD]

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     [New Stuff]

         [Julis 26th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai Plains, Shantou Province, Shantou city]

         [Time: 2:53am - Night 2 in Shantou]

           After the illusion is finished, Unali confers with Z'leyra on
         the possible time of death.  The cause is clearly visible to
         all though magic assassins can all be deceptive.  One can
         mislead by a simple physical death but the actual cause be
         a magical one.  But this one seems to be intent on the brain
         so as no resurrection or regeneration is easy.  Even if there
         was a chance of resurrection and regeneration Shu's brain would
         be hard for magic to regenerate.  Skilled assassins know the
         best way to kill a person, and keep them dead, is through
         certain body areas.  The skull, the eyes or nose to brain is
         the best spots.

           Unali and Z'leyra discuss the vitals of the body and soon
         seem to concur the death was 30 minutes to 1 hour before
         Fremea entered.  Beyond a more defined time would be difficult.
         Z'leyra finds it fascinating a non healer would know such
         things but figures Duke Aren must've taught her a few things
         in spy training back in Maren city. 

           Inside Zhou's room, Farseeker scolds Zhou for his harsh cold
         nature and slams him up against the wall.  When Farseeker is
         done he begins to leave the room.  Kell grabs his arm to stop
         him and whispers. "Well said. I stand with you." Giving the big
         man a nod.

           Still angry Farseeker shrugs Kell off. "I am no leader.  I
         lead military men.  Those who are trained to follow orders.
         this group is too stubborn and independent to follow my lead.
         This is better for more political oriented figures like Zhou and
         Unali."  He glances back at Zhou. "Even if they fail at the task.
         Unali I'm sure will do a better job when things get down to it."
         With that Farseeker leaves the area. 

         [Time: 2:57am - Night 2 in Shantou]

           After the room is cleaned up by Fremea's transmutation and Fremea
         heads downstairs, Unali approaches her.  Unali asks about the
         drunk that attacked her and tore her dress.  "When and where
         exactly was this? Could there be a connection to this horrible
         murder?" She listens to Fremea and says "I should quickly look
         into this."

           Fremea is eager to give the directions.  Unlike Unali she has not
         grown up here but gives good directions based on landmarks.   She
         is eager to explain what happened so folks do not suspect her
         of the event even after the Akasha spell was cast.  Fremea
         knows that trust is vital for a group like this.  After seeing
         Kell react to traitors she would not want to be in that situation.

           Unali then immediately goes to her room and begins to pack.
         She shuts the door and changes into her black combat outfit.
         In case there is a fight she needs to be prepared.  It only
         takes moments to change as it seems she is skilled at these
         quick changes.  She exits back into the hall and finds Zhou
         giving orders to Kiet about how best to carry a bag.  Unali
         separates Zhou and takes them a bit down the hall.  She
         asks Zhou to take her gear down to the wagon.  She asks Zhou
         which gate the party is going to leave from.  Zhou states the
         south west gate as the fence said.  Unali then explains she
         is going to investigate the drunk that attacked Fremea.  Zhou
         becomes concerned and worried.  Both begin to whisper a bit
         and argue.  then Unali pulls rank and says she will leave alone.
         Tssoe in the hallway that pass near only hear loud whispers but
         do not understand the conversation.  It is clear the two have
         a bit of disagreement.  Finally Unali heads to her room and
         shuts the door once Zhou explains all his gear is out.

           Farseeker passes Unali's door and notice Unali glance at him
         and smile faintly.  Farseeker's spine shivers a bit as for the
         first time since knowing Unali he has seen a glint of fright in
         her eyes.  But it was only flickering and transient.  Before
         he realized what he saw it was gone and the door closed.  At
         the last instant Farseeker then notices a bit of annoyance on
         her face as the door closes.

           Farseeker rushes over to Zhou and asks. "What is wrong with

           "She is going to see the drunk Fremea killed and see if it is
         related.  I also suspect she'll go visit her own city contacts
         she knows personally about this whole affair.  She will meet up
         with us outside the city."  Zhou sighs and then follows Raban
         down the stairs as Raban carries his own gear downstairs.

           Concerned that Unali should not travel alone, Farseeker rushes
         back to Unali's room and opens the door.  But as he gets there
         the room is empty.  He notices there is a draft and it looks
         like the balcony door was recently opened.  He exits the
         room outside onto the balcony and looks around.  But Unali is
         no where to be seen.  He knows she is a skilled acrobat and
         could have scaled down but figures she didn't want to be seen
         leaving the tavern.  Farseeker sighs and heads down stair
         to join the others. 

         [Time: 3:30am - Night 2 in Shantou]

           The wagon sits outside the other tavern as the other people
         pack up.  Back at the Blue Crystal Inn the frenzy and chaos of
         the event didn't allow Arawn time to inspect the wagon.  But
         now he retrieves a lantern from the Inn's porch and inspects
         the wagon inside and outside.  Every inch is pierced with the
         lantern's bright light even under the wagon itself.

           Arawn sees to it that the four corners of the wagon are lit
         up by lanterns.  He ignores questions of why but some realize
         night travel is bad without light.  But that makes sense for
         the first two up front.  But why for the back?  The two up
         front hang below the buckseat at knee level to the driver.
         These already installed lanterns have a special mirror and
         cylinder in an effort to focus the light forward.  The concave
         mirror attempts to fashion it to some distance away but in fact
         the light isn't that far beyond the lead horse.

           The rear mounted lanterns are two small ones Arawn obtains
         from the Inn without asking.  No one notices it so for now
         it seems good to do so.  He hangs the two rear lanterns at a
         higher level on each corner just below the roof of the cargo
         rack.  These shine down at about 45 degrees and outward.

           Caladan asks the Alfar, "plan to let our enemy see us from
         some distance away?  Should we use flares? I could use some of
         my skills to rig a nice fire?"  But the Alfar ignores him for now
         and rides around the wagon with a torch in hand.  He is clearly
         nervous and keeps his eyes to the darkness beyond the wagon.  

         [Time: 3:37am - Night 2 in Shantou]

           Whitney becomes agitated at the lights over him.  Though it
         doesn't make him a good target he is determined to put them out.
         When the wagon stops to ask a person directions Whitney quickly
         stands on the seat and puts out the first lantern.

           Kell quickly returns from his room with his few bags and stores
         them onto the top of the wagon and his horse. He is happy to see
         his room and other room's not tampered with.  The locks and
         gear seemed to be in the same condition they left it hours

           After packing his few things and he is ready to leave, Ha'Kell
         puts on his armor and dons his helmet.  He takes out his tulwar
         and straps it across his back and carries his shield.  With all
         his gear loaded, he takes out a spear and holds it in his right
         hand, his shield on his left arm after he mounts his horse.  He
         will ride at the rear of the group behind the wagon, and in his
         armor with helmet and spear and shield looks much more like a
         guard than a merchant.

           Arawn on his horse notices this and rides nearby.  "Leave them
         on or you'll risk a silent death from what is out here."  He
         then glances to others. "I'll explain later, when we're out of

           Whitney glares at Arawn, "I'm risking that now. And you're not,
         so out they go." 

           Arawn stares back at Whitney in mild annoyance.  "Actually I
         am, more so than you know. You have no idea what you risk. I do.
         Mortal threat is not the issue here. If you wish to expose
         yourself to it that is one thing but, please, do not put the
         others at risk. If you are not comfortable with your position
         then might I suggest moving yourself to a different position
         until we leave the city. There is likely space in the carriage
         or you may switch places with me," Arawn responds with a look
         that conveys the seriousness of his words.

           During all the back and forth between Whitney and Arawn a smile
         creeps across the handsome half-elf's face.  He fixes a steely
         gaze on the both of them and remarks, "Does it matter? We don't
         know why it happened to Shu. Maybe there is something with her
         task that demanded this? Calm down both of you or we'll have it
         worse. I don't care if they are lit or not."  Calmly focused and
         using his senses inherited from his elf father, Ha'Kell isn't
         very worried about being caught off guard riding out of the city.
         Unless of course the senses can't detect such attacks.

           Farseeker guides his horse close to Whitney. "It is clear
         Arawn feels light is critical.  Maybe he is afraid of the dark?
         Each of us could carry our own torches if we need to.  But
         tactics wise an enemy would not target you first.  IF I were
         an enemy I'd hit Kiet and Z'leyra first.  This would stop
         the wagon and prevent movement.  Then I'd take out likely Raban
         and one of us guards.  If they want to simply kill all they need
         to do is fire flaming arrows at the wagon.  To fire on a man
         in the rear is tactically stupid.  You might be the 4th or 5th
         target.  So don't worry about such things."

           Nonetheless Whitney turns and douses the other lantern.  Before
         Arawn can protest, Zhou sticks his head out the window. "Boys!
         We must go.  You can argue later.  I don't care if they are
         lit or not.  Driver get us going!"

           Whitney turns and sits in his chair and attaches the rope that
         is his seat belt around him.  Arawn pulls back his horse and
         grumbles that the party have no clue.  Of course he hasn't
         explained the threat yet.  

           Kiet looks over to Z'leyra, raises an eyebrow and says, "Will
         you take care of that miscreant in the back?  If I have to do it
         he's not likely to survive." Kiet sighs and says, more to himself
         than anyone in particular, "If we didn't all the help we could
         get..." and then trails off.

           Z'leyra shakes her head and rolls her eyes.  she then continues
         to glance about for shadows in the darkness.  

           Though Farseeker and Zhou got onto both men, Kiet glances
         back and speaks up toward Whitney. "Either stay there with the
         lanterns lit, or get off and walk. Your choice."

           With the party fully packed and ready to travel the wagon
         takes off down the dark streets.  As the wagon passes closed
         shops there is little traffic.  By day the street they are
         on could have 300 people on it and dozen or so wagons.  But
         now you'll be lucky to see one or two.  Those out this late
         are on a mission of their own.  Some are out to drink and
         party.  Some to guard the city or shops.  Some for more
         criminal things from streetwalkers to thieves.  For the few
         shops open this hour it tends to be bakery or clothing shops.
         The early bakery shops are ready for the morning rush in
         a couple hours.  There are many gambling shops, brothels and
         taverns still open this hour and those streets tend to have
         more traffic even at this hour.

           As the wagon passes through the streets the party will often
         see the guard or guards on patrol.  The guards take note of
         the party but the size of the party tends to make them pay
         little more than cursory attention.  The party is amazed to
         see how well clean and bright the streets are.  Like most modern
         civilizations the city is lit by city lamps.  In Marentia they
         are simple poles with lanterns.  But here the metal poles are
         topped with a ornate lantern that could likely stand a strong
         storm.  Zhou would explain to Fremea in the wagon that the
         lamps are lit by a virtual army of people at night.  It keeps
         unemployment down and gives some a job.  Katai used to use
         slaves or felons to do it but it helps the economy by using
         normal people.  The lamps are set about every 20 feet and line
         both side of the street.  They sit up about 9 feet off the ground
         so they can't be touched or damaged by idiots.  They are ornate
         crafted lamps and use hard metal poles.  Zhou even comments to
         Fremea that in Katai they use gas pipe system to light up the
         lamps automatically.  A full street can light up instantly in
         one fell twist of a valve.  Of course in the dark lands Zhou
         comments that they use magic for light.

         [Time: 3:49am - Night 2 in Shantou]

           At the south-west gate the wagon stops and Kiet places the brake.
         The guards clearly bored look at the wagon with little interest.
         Kiet knows he might look odd fully in armor in the middle of the
         night.  But when he glances around at the others like Raban and
         Ben'dar he must not seem too out of place.  

           One of the guards approaches the wagon and glances around at
         the others.  He looks up at Z'leyra and Kiet. The guard glances
         up at Kiet and stares a few seconds.  He doesn't say anything but
         Kiet feels like explaining in a low voice.  "My master ordered me
         into my armor as a precaution, as we are travelling at night.  I
         do have some responsibility for his safety, but I still don't see
         the point of it.  Nobles!  You can't live without them and you
         "can't kill them..." He flashes a big, cheesy grin and whispers,
         "but you can spit in their tea!"

           Z'leyra maintains a forward stare but can't help but a quick
         smirk.  The guard however who seems in charge simply shrugs.
         "Who is your master?"

           Zhou glances out the curtained window. "I am."  He holds the
         curtain tight to his face.  It would be bad to have a guard
         look inside and find Shu's body.  Even if bribes worked it
         would be hard to explain.

           "Travel at night is dangerous sir.  You should wait till the
         morning.  Can you just wait a couple more hours?"  The guard
         asks Zhou.

           "No.  I wish to beat the morning traffic.  My business is
         done here and I have more business south."  Zhou gives his
         best sigh of disgust. "Rush those ahead so we can leave."

           "With recent events we need to inspect wagons like this for
         escaped felons."  He strides forward but Arawn accidentally on
         purpose moves his horse in front.  The guard shrugs and then
         round the horse and heads back to the wagon.  But in that time
         Zhou steps out of the wagon quickly shutting the door behind
         and standing in front.  

           "Inspection?  I don't have time for this." Zhou complains.

           "Sorry but orders from high up." The guard reaches for the
         door but is stopped.

           "Surely we can come to an agreement."  The guard lowers his
         hand and Zhou hopes the information the fence said is true
         about these people.  "Time is money and I have plenty of
         money but no time.  How about I give some of my money and
         you take it as your time and use  it wisely in a tavern or
         brothel?"  Some moan silently in the group at such a weird
         way to bribe openly.

           "My friends are thirsty and would want to join me after our

           Zhou reaches into his coin bag and grabs a few silver coins.
         He begins to palm coins into the hand of the guard.  The hand
         doesn't lower so Zhou keeps palming coins.  After three more
         palmings occur the guard finally lowers his hand and quickly
         pockets the coins.  The guard smiles and does a quick look
         at the cargo rack and then down below. "It looks like no
         escaped felons could be there.  You may move along."

           At this area of the city the area is mostly slums.  The
         shops are ancient and decayed a bit.  It is clear the lack
         of services here are lacking.  Some shops are boarded up
         and there are signs of gang activity around.  To have gone
         this way is a bit dangerous but the sheet amount of guards
         in the group makes any threat wary.  At the gate there are
         four guards standing outside and one sitting at a stool at
         the gate post the size of a slightly large outhouse.  The
         gate itself is already open and is wide enough for two wagons
         to pass through easy.  At this hour there are actually a few
         small farm wagons entering the city to prepare to sell their
         foods in the markets.  Those leaving the city are much less
         though the occasional one seem to be messengers, cargo wagons
         and personal wagons like farm wagons.  Right now ahead of
         the wagon is two cargo wagons and a large wagon carrying sacks
         of something like food or flour.  From the looks these people
         can't afford the bribes so they are being searched and some
         take their time with it.  

           Caladan quietly speaks to Zhou before he goes back into the
         wagon. "Shouldn't we wait for Unali?"

           "She said she'd join us outside the city.  I suspect she knows
         the lay of the land far better than we do.  I have confidence
         in her ability."  He then turns and stares behind the wagon at
         the darkness down the street in hopes his words come true.

           Kiet pulls the wagon to the left and past the other wagons
         all who glare at the group as they pass through the gate into
         the open countryside.  Tonight the temperatures are warm and
         humid as usual.  Above the stars are full and abuandant.  There
         are a few clouds but overall a clear sky.  The road itself leads
         south, south-west and the party hurries down the highway.  To
         the right or west is the moon about 30 degrees above the
         horizon but it is a sliver and not much light shines around
         the area.  The wagon travels deep into the darkness with
         the two forward lanterns lighting the way and the occasional
         carried torch helping to guide.

         [Time: 4:16am - Night 2 in Shantou]

           By now Unali has been gone for over an hour alone somewhere in
         the city she was born in.  As tension finally ebbs knowing that
         no other attack has hit the party including the rear attack on
         Whitney folks start to relax a bit.  Alert and a bit paranoid
         Whitney is the first to hear the sound to the rear.

           As Whitney concentrates on the sound he hears the gallop of
         horse fast approach.  Soon Farseeker hears the same and stops
         his horse.  "Horse approaching!" Farseeker warns the others.
         As guards circle back to take position the horse behind them
         on the road slows down.  Unali yells out that it is her.  On
         the horse her black clothing makes it look like no one is riding
         the horse.  But as she closes in she is seen better.  Finally
         with the party she dismounts and places a few items onto her
         saddle.  Kiet had to team up the horses with the spare horse
         Kiet bought.  When the party rests Unali's horse can be resetup
         to drive as well.

           With a grim face Unali looks around and fines everyone safe
         and a bit more relaxed.  "My suspicions have been confirmed. Shu
         has been killed by a local contract killer on a contract. I found
         out that the contract has been set up in the last few days by
         someone from out of town, but could not find out the identity
         of the client this quickly. Hopefully my contacts will find
         this out and we might know in a few days. Still, it is
         significant, as it means our enemies know we are coming and
         have at least guessed which route we travel. Our disguise is
         for the local people only now, not for those we are up against.
         They must have known about Shu and her powers, as the attack was
         directed specifically against her. It had nothing to do with her
         casting magic, as all known magic hunters were out in the cemetery
         out of town tonight.  Her distraction worked well clearly."

           She turns to Zhou: "Shu should have told me that she expected
         her own death, and otherwise YOU should have told me. We would
         not have let our guard down so much and let her alone in that
         room if I had known. If had had any idea I would have arranged
         for more guards and tighter security."

           Zhou spreads his hands out. "I am sorry for that.  I should have
         but I kept a promise from her."

           Unali opens the wagon door and suddenly sees the lifeless body
         of Shu and frowns then glares back at Zhou. "For now, I propose
         we look over the unmana area to the south. It is the old and
         disused carnival grounds for the city. They should be empty,
         but not this empty."

           Zhou looks at the party. "I know I need to explain.  But I
         would prefer it some distance away from the city.  Once the
         sun rises I will explain it all.  If Arawn is afraid of the
         dark the sun will prevent all concern."

           Caladan asks Unali, "a contract?  Local thugs know how to
         use magic like that? Or did Z'leyra use her spell right and
         see what should've been seen? It didn't seem like a typical
         assassin.  Your contacts must be quite good to know that info
         right away.  I'm impressed."

         [Time: 6:38am - Night 2 in Shantou]

           Little over two hours later and almost 6 miles from Shantou
         the sky begins to turn orange and red.  The wagon is stopped
         and Kiet locks the breakes.  Unali tells the party they are
         about 11 miles from the river  and the carnival grounds should
         be another 3 or so miles after that.  Based on the slow rate
         of wagon travel the party should arrive at the carnival grounds
         by 2pm or a bit later.  As the party stretch it becomes clear
         they want an explanation.

           Unali turns to Zhou. "Why did she expect dying and when did
         she first mention it. In the city or before?"

           Zhou glances toward the wagon and thinks of Shu. He then
         walks a few feet toward the rising sun and stares. "Shu was
         assigned this mission out of need.  Her skill was paramount to
         our mission.  Without it we could have spent weeks or months
         looking for the Vong.  With just two attempts we have round
         it down to a region.  A third time would have pinpointed it
         down exactly to a few miles.  Though reluctant Shu wanted to
         go to help out of duty to the Lands and the High Elder. But
         before she left she sought out Ki'ama's personal diviner.  The
         old woman is quite skilled and has a device to help out. She is a
         loner and rarely sees anyone at all.  But at the request of the
         High Elder she deemed Shu an audience.  The old woman told that
         she would help the us out greatly and there would be much danger.
         But when asked Shu was told she would not return to the Dark
         Lands.  The woman then confirmed she would likely die in Katai.
         Still out of duty and honor Shu felt the mission too critical.
         She would not tell me until half way down the ocean and it was
         too late to turn back.  She swore me to the secret and forbid
         me to tell anyone else.  She wanted to tell me so she would get
          her wishes known.  She would want a simply burial.  She would
          want not to be mothered or protected all the time.  She knew
          that protection would distract from the mission.  She did not
          want to endanger the mission by such distractions."

           Raban clenches his fists in slight anger.

           Farseeker asks, "distraction?  We would've protected her and
         prevented her death."

           Arawn also prompts Zhou. "You said that you would explain
         everything after we left the city."

           Becoming serious again and with a very steely gaze he
         confronts Zhou, "Now is the time to tell us everything you know.
         Why was she expecting this? Why did it not surprise you? Why did
         you not tell us?  It is important to us all, even those who, what
         was it you said, choose to go shopping?  Enlighten us as to the
         errors of our ways, " using a mocking voice "oh brave one."
         Kell's opinion of the baron is slipping faster than it did on
         the sea voyage from the Dark Lands, where he showed his bravery,
         and his patience for secrets is even less.
           "I explained that.  She said the diviner saw alternative paths.
         If she did live one of you would die in her place.  She believed
         strong in fate and destiny.  The old woman detected destiny in
         most of the party here.  Shu could not live emotionally knowing
         that she would live if one had to die in her place.  I pleaded
         with her for days to seek our help but she refused.  She actually
         thought she would die in battle.  I suspect she did not know she
         would die in a simple inn.  If she had I believe she might have
         tried harder to live.  She wrote a few things of her views in
         her journal.  She wished for me to return it to her master.
         If you must read it to verify my story you can.  Though to
         do such thing is a violation of privacy.  I personally will not
         do it.  If you do not believe me then read her private thoughts
         and seek wisdom from a tormented girl.  It doesn't contain
         any details on her ritual just her last inner thoughts."

           Farseeker nods and frowns. "It almost sounds like Jordi acted
         once.  Destiny and fate can control our lives or we can control
         our own."  He turns to Arawn. "Now to that explanation you were
         going to tell us?"

           Arawn scans the distance and the plains are wide and shows no
         sign of people or mysterious creatures.  "Sorry about the mystery
         earlier but considering all the attention we had already garnered
         I did not wish to risk ourselves further by speaking of less than
         mundane things while in the city.  I recognized what it was that
         killed Shu. It's a creature from the realm of Shadow, a shadow
         warrior. A rare few have the ability to call them forth into this
         world and from what I can tell the one that we witnessed had to
         have been called by a very powerful summoner. Either a true master
         of such magics or a very experienced and talented Shadow Weaver
         was responsible as it was different than those that are normally

           "That's why I spoke with Zhou about having the rear lanterns
         placed. These beings can travel invisibly and silently through
         the shadows and I did not want to risk one striking at us,
         unlikely as it might be. They can easily slip up on one and
         strike a death blow without anyone else knowing until it is too
         late, especially this one. In addition I wanted to minimize risk
         of a shadow-spy slipping in amidst our camp."

           Farseeker asks, "a shadow weaver?  They in some cult?"

           Caladan looks around while he asks. "I've heard of such things.
         Woundenal told me a few stories.  In fact wasn't there a shadow
         master up in the dark lands?  I've heard some of the wizards
         can attach a shadow to a person and use shadows in amazing ways."

           Zhou nods. "Novasa is the only one in the lands to use such
         magic.  but he never does in public.  He is a very private
         person and a bit hated by many."

           After hearing Arawn's explanation Kell opines, "So the Night
         Demons may correctly named and possibly be aligned with a whole
         branch of the forbidden in Katai?"  In a very sarcastic tone,
         "This is just great. And if they are aligned with the Vong, oh
         so much the better."  Pondering the possibilities that the Vong
         are using them in addition to one or more royal houses.  This
         doesn't make him happy.

           Zhou finally states. "Shu wished to be buried near the water.
         So I believe once we cross the river we should bury her there.
         If we must we can always return for the body to take home."

         [Julis 26th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai, Shantou Province, South of Shantou]

         [Time: 11:48am]

           The party gets to the river and a large wooden bridge is at the
         highway point crossing over.  There is a road station that
         collects a small fee for upkeep of the highway and bridge.
         Zhou pays the few coins of toll and the party soon crosses over.
         For hours the party passed farmlands and the outer city margins
         that seemed to never end.  For a great distance the farmlands seem
         to stretch from horizon to horizon.  Along the river there are
         many river homes, business and docks.  This time of day the river
         is extremely busy with boats of all sizes from rowboats to
         full barges with cargo.  Wagons and hundreds of people mill
         about the river areas and the small villages that line the
         river east and west.

           Zhou is disappointed at the crowded area.  He had hoped to
         find a quiet place along the river.  It takes a good 20 minutes
         to find a secluded wooded around a bit off the river shore  So
         the burial spot doesn't get flooded a place is selected and
         marked in case there is need of return.  Once the party finds
         the place isn't full of people the party begins to dig a
         grave for Shu.  In this area the village has thinned out and
         the nearest place is a small garbage dump half a mile away.
         But this area seems free of traffic and the river isn't as
         busy here as near the bridge.

           Arawn is wrapped up nicely in blankets and placed gently
         into the hole.  The party gathers around and speaks a few  kind
         words.  Arawn, Raban and Strie'bog all give blessings and  prayers
         for Shu's journey to the next life.

           After a quick lunch the party heads back onto the main highway
         and continues south.

         [Time: 2:17pm]
         [Location: 20 miles south of Shantou City]

           At this point the wagon slows down to a slow speed as they
         find their way along the highway south.  Unali uses landmarks
         though in this area one farm looks like al the others.  Few
         trees and natural formations give clues to landmarks.  The
         plains are just too wide and open.  After some trial and error
         and directions from three local farmers the carnival grounds
         are located.  All afternoon the highway has been busy with
         traffic of single people on foot to dozens at a time in caravans.

           The party stops on the west side of the road and looks down t
         wide dirt path that is clearly not part of the well maintained
         highway.  The dirt road goes almost due west for 2-3 miles.
         By now the sun is to the east and over the back shoulders of
         the party.  There are clouds but they are fast moving making
         it a bright and hot afternoon.

           Unali scans the west area with her spyglass.  She spots several
         structures.  One looks to be a tall barn like thing.  There
         are several low squat buildings around that structure.  But
         at this distance some two miles out the detail is vague.  There
         appears to be no movement or sign of life at this distance.

           Farseeker dismounts. "Now what?  It is open out here.  If
         we go down the road we'll likely be spotted.  We can't simply
         stay out here all afternoon till night as folks passing by will
         alert guards to check us out for trouble and rumors.  Should
         we leave the wagon or take it with us?"

           Zhou nods, "I say we all go as a group.  I could pretend to
         need the grounds for some great event.  Say a House celebration
         or wedding.  Joust and Champion fights and the like.  It could
         give us some cover if there are folks there.  We could check
         it out at the very least."

           As folks begin to discuss their options, Ben'dar notices Arawn
         is slightly staring at him longer than usual.  

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update...Friday...

         GM: Website updates [all in links section]
             - Advetime.txt - Adventure Timeline - updated events
             - People.txt   - Added and updated some people from adventure
             - Updinfo.txt  - Minor notes on important events in updates
             - Wagon.txt    - Updated file in many areas
             - Contact.txt  - Added a lot of info

             For the Wagon file I have updated the file for some skills
             folks posted after the last mini-IBT.  Once the travel time
             to Pamau is determined you can add or update to the skills.
             If none are updated will use old info.  Updated treasure
             info (horses sold, expenses paid out for taverns, food, etc.).
             For a basic idea of the full update to this file see the
             very bottom section.  

             For the character contacts I have all emails for everyone
             in this email.  These are public as the posts are public and
             ergo the email address is there.  When get time verify the
             spelling and ensure no errors but no rush.  This is good in
             case you need to CC folks and not sure on their email address.
             Now it is in one easy to find link.  Also 2 players (you know
             who you are) are on ICQ.  If you want your ICQ# published
             to this file let me know.  
         GM: Ok.  A big update.  Lot of stuff happened.  I was hoping to
             do a bit more stuff in Shantou like with Chion or Ben'dar
             and others but they suddenly became quiet.  Oh well.  Still
             was fun.  now we move into the next phase of the adventure.

         GM: Journey to Pamau will take a few days.
              20 miles - Shantou to Carnival grounds
             130 miles - Carnival to Pang Fort
              60 miles - Pang fort to Pamau

            Roughly 200 miles total trip.  At 30 miles going over the road
            (road helps with speed).  It will take 7 days travel time.
            (I added 10 miles for rain delays and for easy math :)). 

            Julis 26 - 32 - Travel to Pamau
            Julis 32/33   - Arrive in Pamau

            Exit entry time I will have to figure out depending on
            weather and encounters that might occur.  I've not rolled
            those up yet.  So for purposes of the mini-IBT you can
            consider it 7 days of it.  Let me know what you want to
            do during that period so I can put it in the wagon file.

            Fort pang is a small fort/village at the crossroads point
            that goes south to Pamau and further east to the coast.
            There are 3-4 other villages along the way for supplies.

         GM: Let me know about the carnival stuff.  Unali will have the
             ultimate decision but I'm sure she'll take input from others.

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