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Kiet replies, "Shadow Magic is unaligned.  Our Vong friends hold no alliegence to any god or alignment.  They seem to be a perfect alliance.  In the past I had hoped to myself that there would be no such thing, and I did not mention it because it was such a far-flung possibility...you would have laughed at me as paranoid...but now here we are."
"Yes they do seem a good fit.  Possibly the Vong don't consider the Shadow school as real magic..." ponders Ha'Kell.
  Zhou nods, "I say we all go as a group.  I could pretend to
        need the grounds for some great event.  Say a House celebration
        or wedding.  Joust and Champion fights and the like.  It could
        give us some cover if there are folks there.  We could check
        it out at the very least."

"I like this idea. It fits our story and should allow free access to explore the area if people are here."


[OOC - My first ever character in P&P was an innate shadow weaver. Back when it wasn't a school of magic, but only possible by rolling at character creation.  I was so close to making Kell a Shadow magician since it's now a school.  Just an aside.]

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