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           After hearing Arawn's explanation Kell opines, "So the Night
         Demons may correctly named and possibly be aligned with a whole
         branch of the forbidden in Katai?"  In a very sarcastic tone,
         "This is just great. And if they are aligned with the Vong, oh
         so much the better."  Pondering the possibilities that the Vong
         are using them in addition to one or more royal houses.  This
         doesn't make him happy.

Kiet replies, "Shadow Magic is unaligned.  Our Vong friends hold no alliegence to any god or alignment.  They seem to be a perfect alliance.  In the past I had hoped to myself that there would be no such thing, and I did not mention it because it was such a far-flung possibility...you would have laughed at me as paranoid...but now here we are."
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