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   After returning to the inn Arawn returned to his room and proceeds to take a nap until dinner. Once all have returned he will wait until such time as the group has privacy before discussing the finds of the day.


   "We discovered a fair share of information today but we will need to investigate the leads a bit further.

   It seems that the logo is one that has been used by the Yank Brothers, a merchant group. Our contact mentioned that the name is not local to Katai which increases the chance that this group might have connections up north. Unfortunately they seem to have been bought out yesterday by another group, though we have yet to discover who. They had two warehouses in town and when we went to investigate it was locked and through the windows we could see that the warehouse had been stripped.

   I think it might be good to investigate the warehouse and company a bit further. Neighbors or landlords might know the name of the group that bought them our and what the Yank Brothers might have held in the warehouse. Also, an inspection of the insides of the warehouse could provide a lead.


   Beyond that the contact recently purchased a pair of unusual weapons recently. A rotating sawbladed shield and a staff with a serpent head. He doesn't know the seller's name or location but mentioned the staff decayed shortly after purchase. For those not yet familiar with the Vong this is one of the weapons that they've used in the past, capable of piercing, whipping and poisoning. Not sure where the seller purchased the items but these items deteriorate quickly so there is likely to be at least one local source.


   Along with this is news of the so called 'Night Demons', supposedly responsible for the recent disappearance of a baroness. Word is that she was in town on business but we do not yet know specifics. This group is said to be linked to a cult from 'a world between'. It could be the Vong world as my time melded with the serpent crown gave me glimpses of a dark, almost claustrophobic realm and this 'world between' seems oddly fitting. When the 'Night Demons' were mentioned the contact became quite frightened and hinted that these boogymen are rumoured to be nationwide.

   If we can find more on the baroness and her business here we might be able track this group down and discover if they are linked to the Vong.


   Aside from these bits there was word of a noble in Pamau purchasing several shipping companies but being oddly selective. This could be nothing but thought I'd mention it if our journey leads us in that direction. The contact also has a few contacts down south if we travel there. 

   The last few items- He mentioned that the southwest gate is the best way out of the city with poorly trained guards that can be easily bribed if necessary. This could be important if we need a quick escape, especially if separated. Also, if any are interested, he has mentioned the location of one of the black markets in town. It moves around a bit so might not remain in place for long so if any wish to purchase something from them they should do so soon. We can supply a password if any go."


   Arawn then waited to hear what the others had to say.



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