[pnpgm] Game Update #39 - File #391 - Landfall approaches

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Will considers the discussion and says
"I see the arrows but where is the naphtha?"

-          “There is a good chance that the pirates will not have a chance to share their tale until after the ship departs, if it docks for only a short period of time. If questions should arise one could claim that due to the danger of carrying a large quantity of such a flammable that we only carried several of the arrow attachments and that the last of the lot was used on the pirate ship, the rest having been used to battle mermen or sea-serpents,” Arawn suggested.
To Arwan, "Yes, there are many tricks I can show you. Mostly in the city, as it seems you have me beat in the forests. We could even practice in Katai." 
-          A hint of a grin crept on Arawn’s face, an odd, perhaps mischevious, look in his eyes.

“I’m looking forward to it.”
Will strokes his chin and speaking to Arawn:
“So just how good are you at that Trans locate thing… perhaps we could collaborate on this.”

   - "I'm not quite as good as Chion but I can cover several hundred miles at a time," Arawn replied before moving to the man's side to quietly continue the discussion.

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