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   Arawn is deeply saddened by Ki' Lu's and spends time in prayer near the body in hopes of guiding it safely into the afterlife. He is unsure what, if any, gods the man worshipped but he gives his own blessing nevertheless. He knows that being swallowed up by the sea is the way of sailors but his thoughts drift to the man's loved ones and how they might miss him. Asking his uncle Manannan to take pity upon the man and somehow bring his body home to his family. As he finished he recalled Zu and his child that had saved them earlier and asked the same of the Immortal Serpent.

   As he finished his prayers he thought that if there was time that he would see about talking to the captain about crafting a figurehead to honor both gods and the great sea serpent demi-god that saved them. Arawn wished that he could cover some of the cost of such an item but knew that, in this world, he did not have much to offer. Perhaps over time he would be able to assist with such endeavors with what little he might gain, having already decided that the  majority of any treasures earned would go to the party.

   As discussion of the finances of the dead sailor and his family came up Arawn joined in, sitting quietly while others shared their views. He was in agreement on allowing the items to be sold for the man's family, though he wasn't sure if the magical trident was being considered for this or not.


   "I would happily hand over the items so that the Ki' Lu's family will be taken care of. If I had coin to share I would gladly give it as well but can only offer prayers and perhaps service in the future when time and resources permit. As for the magical trident, I agree with Kell that you might wish to sell that elsewhere. I would suggest getting rid of it quickly and hopefully placed in the hands of those who would use it wisely. Unless any here might choose to purchase it might I suggest having it transported to the Dark Lands to be picked up later for sale there or some other, friendlier, land."


   He allowed his eyes to wander over the strange metal and, like Kell, he found himself interested in the the tridents.


   "If you are willing I would be interested in trading something for one of the tridents. Let me know and we can discuss it later."


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